Software update comes in weeks

Firmware update 3.12.8 should bring the vacuum cleaner robots up to date. In some cases, the iRobot devices did not seem to tolerate the new software well. In forums, on Twitter and Reddit, owners report that their vacuum cleaners are “drunk”.

The Roomba i7 and S9 models seem to be most affected. After the update, they turn in circles for no reason, ram furniture, drive in strange patterns, suddenly get “stuck” in empty rooms or cannot find their way back to the docking station.

Fix comes in weeks

The manufacturer iRobot has now confirmed the problems. However, it will take a while before the robots “sober up”. The company told The Verge that a corresponding firmware update will come within the next few weeks.

For some users this means that the robot will be almost unusable by then. Because with the update, the maps of the house or apartment (smart maps) created by the robot were deleted. And because it causes so many problems with vacuuming after the update, the map cannot be recreated. Targeted vacuuming in certain rooms or the establishment of restricted areas is not possible.

iRobot has recommended users whose robots can hardly be used after the update to downgrade to the old firmware. According to some people who have been affected, their Roomba is still having problems afterwards.

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