Solinas, Sardinia can open earlier, curve downhill contagions – Sardinia

“Prudence but new normality for businesses and citizens”


(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, APRIL 29 – “In Sardinia, in light of the data
on the spread of Covid-19, you can finally start
an orderly, prudent but faster recovery of our system
economic and productive, and allow a gradual return to
that new normalcy of social life long awaited by
all “, declares the President of the Christian Region
Solinas, who with ten other governors and the two presidents
of the autonomous provinces wrote to the president of the
Repubblica Mattarella, to Prime Minister Conte and Minister Boccia for
to be able to ease the bonds of social isolation.

“In the requests made – underlines the president – it is
It is possible to find the fundamental points for restarting already
illustrated in recent days, which have found wide
sharing among all colleagues, in the sign of respect for
Autonomies and territorial peculiarities, and the need for
diversify existing measures “. (ANSA).