Solitary criminal performs terror circuit by robbing six gas stations in La Serena

Even the police officers were surprised by the actions of the detainee, who did not have a police record and whose knife in hand he robbed and robbed in six service centers, from where he stole unexpected things such as brake fluid.

The journey was started by this subject when it was past 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday, moving around in a Chevrolet car and carrying a knife. Thus he reached Copec de Avenida Colo Colo, from where he took a meager sum of money.

Witnesses point out that he acted in a violent manner and that he was not seen very sure or clearly of what he was looking for, but once the crime was committed, he quickly fled the place aboard the car in which he was moving.

As he was not satisfied with the first booty, about an hour later, he arrived at the Copec service center on Gabriel González Videla street, where he obtained some money and took some products that were not specified.

Continue the race

But the race did not end there, since he would later be seen at the Shell service station located on Route D-43 with Amanecer, where he proceeded with the same modus operandis, but was recorded by security cameras.

He also acted quickly and threatened the workers with the knife he was carrying, and later withdrew.

By now, the Carabineros had already been alerted to the previous assaults and was eagerly looking for a dark-colored Chevrotet vehicle of the city car type.

According to the prefect of Carabineros Carlos Rojas, the data provided by those affected, who provided the characteristics of the assailant and the car in which he was moving, would have been fundamental.

“It was the affected people themselves who gave the characteristics of this subject and also those of the vehicle in which he was moving. Therefore, from the first robbery that occurred at 8:50 p.m., we informed the prosecutor of the Public Ministry, who on this occasion gave the investigative information to the IAPA of Carabineros, that the order of this vehicle began without the patent, because we did not have it at that minute, but later the cameras were reviewed and we were able to obtain them and alert the different devices, “the colonel said.

The fourth station on this route of the assault was the Copec gas station on Talca street with Alessandri. By now the antisocial had raised money, some vehicle products, such as brake fluid, distilled water, and also some groceries such as cookies and chocolates.

Once this fourth crime was committed, around 11:00 p.m., he lost track again, although the Carabineros officials had already fully identified the vehicle and were looking for it in different parts of the commune, mainly where there are bus stations. service.

That is how around 12 o’clock at night, he arrived at Copec on Balmaceda street, at the height of bus stop 12, where he even broke a glass at Punto Copec, from where he took money, cigarettes and some edible products, to leave quickly by Balmaceda street to the north. This time, towards the Shell service center on Balmaceda street with Cuatro Esquinas, where he was spotted by police officers and a persecution began.

In this flight, the subject lost control of the car he was driving and was a few centimeters from the gasoline dispensers of the place.

He was reduced and transferred to the police station, thus ending his criminal journey of the night.

“What most strikes us is that they were quite particular crimes, because generally the offender has a target. For example, money or species of easy reduction. In this case it is different, because in some events he steals money, in others he steals cigarettes and in one of the service centers brake fluid, distilled water for vehicles, so the modus operandis is quite unusual, ”says Colonel Carlos Rojas.

Another fact that surprised the police officers is that after being arrested he told them that he had committed these crimes just to attract attention, which is why they make him a quite sui generis criminal.

During the day Thursday, it passed to control of detention, while the owner of the vehicle was located by police officials.


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