Some concellos take the step and contemplate IBI bonuses for livestock


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The great impact ofregularizationcatastralled some Council members to assess the application of bonuses in the collection ofproperty tax(IBI) to holders ofagro-livestock facilities. In counties likeA Maria, the City Council of Trabada modified the municipal ordinance and approved in 2017 to apply a bonus of up to 95% of the tax on theagroganaderas farmsand 50% to the mixed properties, those that share housing and stable or other dependencies linked to the primary activity. The councilor, MayraGarca, justified the measure because it was theagro-livestock sectorone of those that generates more direct and indirect jobs and then assured that about seventy farms will benefit from this decision. Declare these properties public utility as a step prior to the bonus. Also the oneBarreiros, another municipality where the sector agroganaderotiene much weight, approved in 2016 the bonus of 95%, the maximum allowed. These are added theMondoedo, that agreed in 2016 to modify the ordinance, which will allow the reduction of 0.75 to 0.64 of the tax rate of the IBI for goods of a rustic nature and the bonus for goods in rural landFixed this bonus of stable xeito no 20% gives level. Without leaving the Marian region, inFozIn September 2018, an initiative was approved to reward up to 95% of the IBI to agro-livestock farms, neighborhood associations and large families.


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Galicia is the community where the collection grew the most

In 2012, in the midst of an economic crisis and the horizon of recovery was not yet visible, the inhabitants of Galician rural areas paid their respective municipalities barely 8.9 million euros in concept ofIBI Rstico, the receipt popularly known as contribution. Five years later, with a very similar number of receipts (1.1 million), the collection rises to 14.5 million, as verified by the latest data updated by the General Directorate of Cadastre, under the Ministry of Finance. In other words, in just five years, the amount paid by the inhabitants of rural areas has grown by 63%, which places Galicia as the autonomous region in which revenues have grown the most.

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