someone won 20 million euros in lotto on Saturday night

Saturday evening, someone had checked off the correct Loto numbers for the Lotery. Namely 22, 23, 26, 32, 35, as well as the lucky number, 5. He won the very nice sum of 20 million euros. Something to jump for joy even in times of confinement. On the other hand, he or she will have to wait a little before going to recover his gain, containment measures oblige. Exceptionally, la Française des jeux has also given 60 additional days to those who have won since the confinement was announced (March 16), i.e. four months in total, to go to a point of sale or a payment center, precise The Parisian.

Those who had registered their bet between January 17 and March 16 will be entitled to three additional months, or five months in all, to come forward.

Many internet players

This is the twelfth time that an individual has earned at least 2 million euros in 2020, but this sum of 20 million is a record for this year, reports the site. Winning draw. The last very big jackpot won dates from the Saint Valentine’s Super Loto, the winner had won 13 million euros in Saône-et-Loire in Salornay-sur-Guye.

But the most notable in this new Loto millionaire is that he becomes the second biggest internet winner in history, and the sixth biggest Loto winner since 1976. Since the confinement, the site confirms a “massive” influx of players: ” most of the grids are thus played on the digital platform of la Française des jeux


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