"Something" and "Abbey Road" at the height of the Beatles


On July 20, 1969, the Beatles leave the London studio at Abbey Road where they have just recorded together for the last time. The album bearing this title, and illustrated with the famous photo that shows the four of Liverpool crossing the pedestrian crossing of Abbey Road, will be released in September 1969, before Let It Be, disc programmed for the spring of 1970 by their record company – while it is already registered.

Liverpool knows the music

These latest recordings of The Beatles once again testify to their wild perfectionism: it will take 39 shots of Something, written by George Harrison and dedicated to his wife Pattie, for the Fab Four to feel satisfied. They work the song in studio on April 16, May 2 and 5, July 11 and 16, and August 15, 1969, according to Jacques Volcouve (1), French specialist Beatles.

" The most beautiful love song of the twentieth century "

The apparent fluidity of Something hides a great sophistication. The Beatles – George Harrison (vocals and guitar), John Lennon (guitar), Paul McCartney (vocal harmonies and bass) and Ringo Starr (drums) – are accompanied by Billy Preston on the organ and studio musicians: 12 violins , 4 viola viola, 4 cellos, 1 double bass.

The sound engineer Geoff Emerick has a new console which he tells in his memoirs that it makes the sonic texture of the Beatles " softer and rounder ". It is particularly suited to George Harrison's two compositions. Here Comes the Sun, to the graceful melody written in Eric Clapton's garden in Surrey, overflows with a simple and sincere joy.

Something, composed in studio, made for the first time equal game with the titles of Lennon, who on this album signed Come together and Because, and McCartney (Oh, Darling) The sublime simplicity of the orchestral motif, the subtlety of the arrangements, the tenderness of the lyrics compose " the most beautiful love song of the twentieth century According to Frank Sinatra, goldsmith in the field, who hastens to interpret it in turn.

The guitarist becomes songwriter

This " Something Impalpable revealing the force of a feeling, that uncertainty which at once tortures and delights a rising love (" You ask me if my love will grow / I do not know, I do not know … "), the smile of Mona Lisa of the woman who knows she is loved … Everything is balanced perfectly in this amazing song, which John Lennon proclaims as soon as she is her favorite on Abbey Road.

For the first time a George Harrison title comes out in front of a Beatles single. In addition to Sinatra, Something is taken by Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughan, Charles Ray, Joe Cocker, Basie Count, Smokey Robinson, James Brown … For its author, it is the song of emancipation. The "shy Beatles", especially known for his guitar virtuosity, becomes songwriter in its own right.

"Space Oddity", spatial conquest and pop perfection

He who had already signed for the Beatles While my guitar gently weeps, For you blue and I mine is needed a major author since the group's separation, made public in April 1970. His album All things must pass released the same year is full of tubes including Ins't it a pity or Beware of Darkness,and the most dazzling piece of George Harrison with his unforgettable guitar solo, My Sweet Lord.



Something in the way she moves

Attracts me like no other lover

Something in the way she woos me

I do not want lo leave her now

You know I beleive and how

Somewhere in her smile she knows

That I do not need any other lover

(Something in his way of moving

Attracts me like nobody else

Something in his way of seducing me

I do not want to leave her

You know how much I believe in it

Somewhere in her smile, she knows

I do not need anyone else …)

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