«Sometimes my classmates don’t see me»



Antoine Griezmann, scorer of Barcelona this Tuesday in the field of Naples (1-1) in the first leg of the round of 16 Champions LeagueHe said that one of his functions in the grass is to give depth, but sometimes they see him and sometimes they don’t.

«We wanted to win but it couldn’t be. It has been difficult for us to create spaces and we have not sucked in the first part. In the end, we played with the fatigue of them », explained the player at the end of the game in the Neapolitan stadium of San Paolo.

The player believes that his team has many options in the second leg in the Camp Nou Within three weeks (March 18). “The return will be very different, there will be spaces and in front of our people,” he said.

Griezmann said that his team had a hard time taking advantage of the domain he had: «You have to work more this. It’s my turn to go deep, sometimes they see me and sometimes they don’t see me ».

The French striker considered that they face “a very important week”, regarding the match against the Real Madrid this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu, for which they now have to prepare.

«I think we are well focused. I think we have to go game by game, we have a long way to go, we have the classic, then the return of the Champions League, to see if we pass in the quarterfinals, we will see », he concluded


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