Son Sobchak performed to mother “Kalinka”

Famous TV presenter and blogger Ksenia Sobchak brings up Plato’s son from his first marriage with actor Maxim Vitorgan. The kid grows and grows up not by the day, but by the hour for the joy of mom and dad. He already knows how to read, and is not afraid to speak to the public.

This time, Plato performed the Russian folk song “Kalinka” especially for her mother. Ksenia filmed a video for Instagram, as the boy tirelessly jumps on the bed under his singing, which amused the parent.

“Thanks to quarantine for the fact that for two months now I have been spending every morning with my most important man. I always tried every day to give him time before and after work, but spending days and weeks away is unimaginable happiness, ”Ksenia Sobchak admitted.

The TV presenter noted that, spending so much time with the baby, she discovered a completely different feeling of child-parental affinity. Fans of the socialite in the comments hurried to like “this handsome” and noted how adorable the kid grew up with the star:

“You have a lovely child”, “Glorious baby”, “Handsome”, “I want to see such videos more often”, “Wonder is wonderful, nice kid”, “Wonderful!” – affectionately responded people in the comments.

Many followers again noticed how little Plato looked like his grandfather, Anatoly Sobchak. By the way, Ksenia recently admitted that she dreams of giving her son a sister.


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