Sonacos and Crédit Agricole du Maroc launch payment for input purchases by mobile

Farmers who risk taking a head start in mobile payment, while other economic players in other sectors are still hesitant. Who would’ve believed that. However, this is what will soon happen with the solution put in place by the Sonacos and the Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM).

The CAM and the Sonacos announced that they have developed a digital payment service through the “Imtiazat-e” mobile phone application. This is an important pax in the digitization of the agricultural sector and whose objective is to facilitate the payment of purchases of inputs made from the Regional Centers of the Sonacos. In fact, farmers will be able to pay their bills using their mobile phones.

For Crédit Agricole, it is above all a question of supporting “Green Generation”, for which it has set up a comprehensive system of scale providing innovative solutions to all the components of the new strategy.

It is a payment system simple enough to allow farmers to use it easily. Indeed, according to the bank, “payment by mobile phone is possible by simply scanning the QR code on the Sonacos order form”. As a result, the payment of invoices is confirmed in complete safety “without the need to bring, transport or handle cash”, always specifies the Crédit Agricole du Maroc.

He added: “This is a 100% digital journey dedicated to the cereal sector and allowing customers to have their seeds in a few minutes quickly and securely.”

In the coming months, the bank promises other routes similar to this first initiative. Their development is currently underway so that the sector can exploit all the potential for value creation offered by digitization.

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For its part, Sonacos intends, through this payment method, to provide farmers with better security and convenience in paying for purchases made from its regional centers without having to worry about transporting and handling the money. liquid.

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