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Sony and Honda are doing it

During CES 2020, we first introduced Sony’s electric car. This year we learned that the imposed model will actually appear on the market. Together with Honda, the Japanese company made the dream come true. And thanks to the PS5, it will be even more beautiful than we ever dared to dream.

In 2022 it is still difficult to buy a PlayStation 5. Fortunately, Sony and Honda have the perfect solution for you. The two parties joined forces and released a console of the electric car they will produce. Cost a little more, but then you have something!

Sony and Honda electric cars get built into PS5

Sony brought its electric car to the attention as a concept in 2020, but it has now become the hard reality. Together with Honda, the Japanese superpower is trying to make it difficult for brands like Tesla. It will not depend on the style of the car. Neither the functionality nor the accessories that come with it.

A great example is the PlayStation 5: Sony’s console that is still hard to find in 2022. “Technically, it’s possible to put it in the electric car,” project leader Izumi Kawanishi told the Financial Times.

Sony Vision-S CES2020
From Vision S op CES 2020. (Image: Mark Hofman / PASKE)

So if you can’t manage to buy one the ‘normal way’, you can always try it with the electric car. Cost some money, but then you have something.

Did it really happen?

“Technically possible” is of course no confirmation that the PS5 will actually become part of the electric car. Although we estimate the probability to be very high. Especially considering the life of this striking project.

During CES 2020 I personally presented the unique Vision-S. The electric car managed to steal the show during the biggest technology fair in the world. Still, Sony stood its ground and frankly admitted that it had no intention of bringing the car to market.

In 2022 we know better: Sony and Honda are making a big idea into reality. And if you can already walk a whole machine, chances are that something that is “technically possible” will actually appear.

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