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Sony announces PS5 price in India and it hurts

Buying a PS5 in India will be quite an investment since, like other countries across the globe, the advertised price is higher than in Europe or Japan.

As with the Xbox Series, not everyone will be able to enjoy both PS5 models at the same price. Sony has indeed decided to proceed in the same way as its American competitor, adjusting the price of the console in certain countries around the world.

With several examples, we have already presented the cases of Japan for the S Series and United Arab Emirates, for Series X. Here is now India with the PS5.

Thus, the 100% digital model will be sold 39 990 INR while the model with optical drive will be sold 49 990 INR.

After conversion this sets the digital version to 540$ against 680$ for the version with disk drive.

On the other hand, no release date has yet been announced, the fault of some concerns encountered with the government in place, even if the situation should be resolved in the coming days.

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