Sony changes its latest PS5 trailer and leaves out some important release dates

Most of the release dates for upcoming games have disappeared.

Last January 12 – Tuesday of this week – we informed you that Sony had announced PS5 game release dates at CES. Project athia, Pragmata, Kena: Bridge of Spirits O Ghostwire Tokyo were some of the examples of games that were announced with dates at the end of said trailer.

However, something that was already communicated to the players through a trailer, It has been eliminated completely, although not all since this has affected some games; but they are the majority of those that appeared. Now, in a video just posted via YouTube yesterday, January 15, almost all that extra information is gone.

The original and complete video of the presentation of Sony in this 2021 in the event Consumer Electronics Show -CES- was published on January 11. Throughout the segment, at the end of the segment as soon as the turn to talk about PlayStation, a text briefly appeared new informative data on the ps5 games, As the retraso de Pragmata and the launch window for the console exclusive, Project Athia.

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Many were perhaps glad know the new information of the games, but others it turned out a bit strange, as it was a rare way to announce important dates. To this is added that the original text had a typo and misspelling in “January”, so maybe it was not intended.

With the fine print text now removed and corrected for the most part, It seems that it was a mistake, which makes a little more sense considering that Sony would spend more time to announce the dates than a tiny text that, if you were not attentive, you would miss it.

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Now only remains wait for Sony to formally release the newsalthough if this has escaped them they may not be bothered to think that we already know everything first hand.

Source: Kotaku


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