Sony formalizes the arrival of VRR on PS5

Strangely absent from the latest Sony console, the VRR function confirms that it will land via a future update.

For weeks, many connoisseurs of video technologies have been fretting around the presence of the VRR function on Sony’s PlayStation 5 without the manufacturer deigning to speak officially. Today, it is done. The Japanese company has just updated the official FAQ dedicated to its console and let us know thatan undated update will add this feature which will be useful for players with compatible screens.

PS5 hardware supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) over HDMI 2.1. With a future system software update, PS5 owners will be able to use the VRR function of compatible TVs when playing games that support VRR.

Doubt is no longer allowed and it is hoped that Sony will take the opportunity to unleash the bandwidth of its HDMI port.

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