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soon a drug? [Vidéo]

A molecule kept secret would make it possible to treat the Covid-19 infection. This is what we discovered by researchers from the Institut Pasteur in Lille (Nord), the only ones in the world to have identified the molecule. “It would be a drug that you take as soon as possible, as soon as you have confirmation that you are infected with the virus. The idea is to reduce the viral load as quickly as possible for two reasons: the first, reduce the period of contagion of infected patients, and the second prevent these patients from progressing to more serious symptoms “, explains Terence Beghyn, researcher and president and founder of Apteeus. A discovery The researchers used a chemical library, a library of molecules. In total, more than 2,000 molecules have been tested. The cultures were then analyzed by Dr. Sandrine Belouzard, of the CNRS, one of the only coronavirus specialists in France. Researchers are now seeking to release 5 million funds to begin clinical trials on patients with Covid-19. Marketing could be effective in 2021.

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