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Soon a sticker to circulate in Wallonia? “That alone is another 100 million euros”

André Antoine was invited at 7:50 in the micro Fabrice Grosfilley. Walloon MP for Les Engagés (formerly cdH) was very alarmed on Bel RTL air this Thursday morning. According to him, Wallonia is “in a budget emergency”, with a general debt that continues to increase. It is, for her, essential today to react quickly to avoid austerity. He spoke in particular of a tax reform on the automobile to achieve 100 million euros in savings.

The Walloon government begins adjusting its budget on Thursday. Compared to the forecasts made when this budget was drawn at the end of the year, there is a gap of 505 million euros to fill. A catastrophic situation for André Antoine who believes that Wallonia is “in budget emergencies.” This is what the Walloon deputy stated for Les Engagés (former cdH) on Thursday morning on Bel RTL. He invited Fabrice Grosfilley into the microphone at 7:50 p.m.

To achieve 100 million euros in additional savings “without listening to the walloons”, André Antoine talks about an automobile tax reform. A project that he would present to Walloon Mobility Minister Philippe Henry. That’s in order “to encourage fellow citizens to buy clean cars”he said.

In this reform, MPs Walloon for Les Engagés talk about the introduction of a vignette for all foreign vehicles as well as professional vehicles. Short, “for all who use our roads without paying”he stressed, reminding that in France, we have to pay for driving on the highways.

In the face of this proposal, Philippe Henry’s response left him speechless. The latter would respond that as it is not a project included in the political agreement, it will not do it. “I can’t accept a minister telling me that the idea may be good but that it’s not in the agreement so he won’t do it (…) We always have to listen to the suggestions that we submit to you.”believes guest of Fabrice Grosfilley.

The MP’s idea? A file of 50 euros per year, integrated into the road tax. “With a project, we are forcing cooperation with Brussels and Flanders.” He wants to find common ground between the three regions.

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