Soon you can also game on Netflix

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Netflix had already indicated in April that games could be a promising activity next to its core video streaming business. They are “interesting building blocks” for deepening experiences around the service’s movie and series world, said operations manager Greg Peters. With Mike Verdu as head of game development, Netflix has found a veteran of the games world. At EA, he worked on The Sims and games based on the Star Wars film series. While employed by Facebook, he worked with developers to create video games for Oculus headsets, based on virtual reality.

Price tag

It is important for Netflix to tap into new markets. The company is still the market leader in streaming series and movies, but is facing increasing competition from Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO. The number of Netflix subscribers is still growing, but that increase is in danger of dwindling. In June, Netflix also opened an online store to sell merchandising around its TV series.

The first video games should be available on Netflix before the end of next year, reports Bloomberg news agency on the authority of an insider. For now, the company does not plan to increase the price for a subscription, the source said.

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Microsoft, Google and graphics card specialist Nvidia also already offer video games on their servers, which users can play on the internet via various devices.


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