Souček’s jersey will help a little girl with cancer. Slavia offered a package, there are valuable properties in the game

A tribute and applause for Tomáš Souček and his friend Jiří Sodom. Former Slavia footballers have decided to help five-year-old girl Rozárka, who is fighting cancer. Sodoma, who currently plays for the Kolín division, has launched an event in which Souček’s signed jersey from West Ham’s match with Watford is to be auctioned. “It was a gift from Tomas. But when I saw what the girl’s problems were, I thought of auctioning the jersey and helping. I wrote to Suk and he immediately agreed, “Sodoma told Slavia football boss Jaroslav Tvrdík and, for example, Slavia football boss Daniel Kolman, have already joined the auction on social networks. Later, two other projects were launched with the help of Slavia. have a sick little girl help.

West Ham United, Twitter

It was a quick idea. Sodom, who has had a long-standing friendship with Souček, decided to help the little girl. He therefore wrote to a friend in England to find out what he was saying about his idea. “Tomas was in favor, we just decided what the starting price would be. We were afraid that no one would buy a jersey for five thousand, “Sodoma revealed.

He is very glad he was wrong. It started at five thousand, but the amount began to grow rapidly. “Currently, Tomáš Syrovátka from Slavia leads, who offered fifty thousand. He overcame Mr. Tvrdík, who hit forty thousand. I’m glad the amount is growing. Tomáš and I are happy, it would be great if the amount grew even more, “Sodoma told” We are already happy for this, “he adds.

And it wasn’t even final. Already on Friday afternoon, the chairman of the board of Slavia, Jaroslav Tvrdík, sent a novelty to the world. “As the board of directors of Slavia, we compose and offer CZK 100,000,” Tvrdík wrote. This amount was the dream of the author of the project …

Sodoma plays football in the attack and even here he showed a move to the goal. It is clear to him that many people would like to help, but they cannot offer tens of thousands for Souček’s jersey. “So we set up an account in the Czech Republic where money can be sent. Every crown will help the little girl. I know that this is not a transparent account, but on Wednesday, when the auction is over, I will publish a list of all the people who took part, together with the amounts they contributed. So that everyone can see that we didn’t keep anything, “the football player reports.

You can also join the auction on Jiří Sodoma’s Twitter, until 10 pm on Wednesday, November 25. The project of the former Slavia player was probably really interesting for Jaroslav Tvrdík and the entire Vršovice club. Subsequently, two other projects were launched to help the sick little girl.

The game includes a signed jersey and gloves of the Slavic goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář, as well as a red and white jersey of the leader of the highest competition for all players.


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