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Sources close to Messi deny his intervention to save Ronaldinho from prison

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reveal report Journalist British, Fact Help The star Argentine Lionel Messi Leader Barcelona, To a colleague the previous Ronaldinho, To save him From crisis aphasia in a Paraguay Which Raised Recently.

And it was done moving Lawsuit Judicial against The star Brazilian Ronaldinho And his brother distance time Short From throw the authorities Arrested On them, To use them documents travel Forged, To face Player Blaugrana the previous Punishment the prison For a while 6 Months.

She indicated Reports Journalist many Through the days Past to me that Messi may be Set aside amount 4 Millions euro From Yes Pay Guarantee Own With a friend Brazilian To take it out From Locked up.

newspaperThe SunBritish She indicated in a report to her Moving About newspaperSportSpanish to me that Sources Rounded From Messi may be She did No Each What Frequency From news about intention The star Argentine in a Pay This the amount or Intervention in a Issue Ronaldinho In any method.

And she said The newspaper Moving About Its sources that Messi Sympathize Heavily With colleague the previous in a Rows Barcelona, But it is did not Take Which resolution about Help him in a This is aFor an issue.

And she said Reports Journalist Moving About Sources Judicial in a Paraguay, that Attorney Ronaldinho Advance On request Resumption resolution Confinement Reserve in a Issue Passport Travel Forger day Thursday the past, and he What Will repeat The player Brazilian to me The court Tuesday Next.

He insists Lawyers Ronaldinho On that Judges Whose They ordered Withholding The two brothers Exceeded Their jobs, What Makes Imprison them Non legal. While He said claimant Year Federico Delphino that 16 A person Got stuck Until right Now in a Issue Passports Travel Forged. as such She refused The court, day Tuesday the past, Request From Attorney Ronaldinho To release Conditional about him on bail, And decided Keep it up in a Confinement Reserve.

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