Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

South River makes it a Maryland 4A three-peat field hockey

When the South River team bus broke down en route to the Maryland 4A championship game, the mechanical problems did almost what the rest of the championship could not do: keep the Seahawks from a third title consecutive state 4A.

A second bus arrived shortly thereafter and the Seahawks managed to get to Washington College in time for the faceoff, albeit with a shorter warm-up. The delay did not stop them from finishing all three rounds with a 2-0 win over Dulaney. It was the fourth title of South River in seven years.

"It was a little scary," said coach Megan Atkinson. "The worst case we sent [players] with their parents. "

Midfielder Allison Corey, who scored one goal and helped create another, said her teammates were not left out.

"We knew we did not have a lot of time to warm up. We kept a positive attitude and we had just started. "

The Seahawks (15-3) started quickly, creating five penalty corners in 17 minutes. The last of them scored the first goal of the game when Corey beat goalkeeper Dulaney with an explosion in the lower left corner.

"We had a ton of opportunities and we said," That's it, we have to score, "Corey said." I'm glad we capitalized on the corner. "

South River continued to apply pressure by using accurate sticks to block air passes and block passes on the ground, forcing turnovers that created risks for attackers. The Seahawks scored 10 penalty points in the first period only.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 11th corner, Corey's shot was deflected by Alexis Seidel.

"I just saw it coming towards me and when I arrived, I just introduced it," Seidel said.

The Seahawks kept up the pressure, but the Lions (13-6) regained their balance and nearly reduced the margin in two minutes, 10 minutes from the end. Zoe Herman's floating shot was accidentally triggered by South River goaltender, Kaitlyn Wallace, while she was trying to hit it's far. But the goal was rejected, considered dangerous because of the crowd in front of the net.

"We needed a second to relax and see what was going on, then we stayed calmer," Seidel said.

The Seahawks have remained calm and after winning their third consecutive title, the juniors of this season are expecting a fourth.

"They are entering their fourth year, fourth season, where they will be defending champions," said Atkinson. "It keeps us really motivated to move forward."


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