Soylu: We are drinking our coffee peacefully – Breaking news

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu shared his photos of him sitting on the banks of the Sat Glacial Lakes in Hakkari and drinking coffee on his Twitter account.

Minister Soylu shared, “Someone’s dream with terrorists was to drink coffee here. At 3300 meters, in Göllerbaşı Sat Glacial Lakes, under the shadow of our crescent and star flag, we drink our coffee peacefully. He used the expression “Thank God”.

In another post he made on his social media account, Soylu announced that the Düztepe Base Area on the Iraqi border of the Ikiyaka Mountains will be completed next week.

Soylu, who shared his photographs taken while investigating the base area, said, “We are in Düztepe Base Area on the Iraqi border in the Ikiyaka Mountains. Towers, roads, underground tunnels. 3 thousand 450 meters, the most modern Turkey’s highest base area, ends in a week. May Allah not harm our state and nation. He used the expression “great pride”.

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