Spahn also wants to secure treatment for non-corona patients

A note with the inscription: “Corona ambulance” hangs on the signpost to Klinikum Dahme-Spreewald GmbH Königs Wusterhausen.
Picture: ZB

Patients with stroke and heart attacks seem to hesitate more and more to call the emergency doctor: the Federal Minister of Health is concerned. He wants three quarters of an hour to go back to normal in hospitals.

BMinister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to introduce a new care concept for clinics to secure treatment capacities for all patients in the corona crisis. “My goal is to work with the federal states to give the clinics a new framework for care: In the next step, 75 percent of the clinic’s operations should again be available for non-corona treatments and 25 percent should continue to be available and free for corona patients be, ”he told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday).

Spahn responded to indications that the number of patients being treated for a stroke or heart attack in the emergency rooms is falling. “That worries me a lot,” said the minister. It is a sign that, despite the serious illness, patients cannot be treated for fear of infection, despite a serious illness. The same applies to chronically ill people who are not currently going to their specialist or patients who no longer have preventive medical examinations.

In recent weeks, hospitals in Germany have canceled many of the planned interventions and examinations to prepare for the corona crisis. That is right and necessary, says Spahn. In the meantime, the separation of corona patients and patients with other diseases is very well organized in most hospitals. There is a new everyday clinical experience. “If we keep the infection process under control like this, we can gradually come back to normal care in the clinics,” announced the CDU politician.


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