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    I can say goodbye to you for today, my colleague Peter Temel will take over here tomorrow morning. I wish you a good night – please stay at home.

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    Four other countries in Africa confirm infections

    Four other African countries confirmed their first coronavirus infections on Saturday. These include Mauritania, Rwanda, the Seychelles and the Central African Republic. 23 countries in Africa are now affected by the lung disease.

    Israel excludes hotels, restaurants, theaters and shopping centers. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the measure should take effect on Sunday. In contrast, pharmacies, supermarkets and banks should remain open.

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    Long-term isolation

    Britons over 70 are said to be in isolation for four months.

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    Lauda announces further flight cancellations

    Due to the rapid spread of the corona virus and the restrictions on entry and exit of numerous governments, Ryanair’s subsidiary Laudamotion has announced further flight cancellations. Until March 31, only the weekend connections to London, Dublin, Brussels and Stuttgart would be carried out, the airline said on Saturday evening.

    All other Lauda flights would be canceled from midnight on Monday March 16 at midnight to Tuesday March 31 at midnight. Affected passengers would be informed immediately and could rebook free of charge, as well as receive a refund of the flight price if desired, Laudamotion spokeswoman Theresa told the head of APA.

  • before 4 h

    21 new cases in Styria

    21 further Covid-19 cases have been registered in Styria. A total of 82 Styrians are currently affected, said the State Medical Directorate on Saturday evening. The new cases affect Graz and the surrounding area as well as the districts of Leibnitz, Liezen, Mürzzuschlag, Hartberg-Fürstenfeld, Murtal and Bruck.

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    Spain largely restricts freedom of movement

    Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed that there will be a nationwide curfew as part of a 15-day emergency. The head of government justifies the measure, saying that the corona virus crisis requires “extraordinary decisions”.

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    Crowds in supermarkets on Saturday significantly lower

    After long queues at the cash registers and partly empty shelves in the local supermarkets on Friday due to the coronavirus worries, the situation calmed down again significantly on Saturday. “The rush to the food markets has reduced noticeably,” wrote Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) on Saturday evening on the short message service Twitter.

  • before 5 h

    Alarm at the army in Horn ended

    The coronavirus alarm in the army barracks in Horn was canceled on Saturday evening. According to Colonel Michael Bauer, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, a test carried out on a sick non-commissioned officer was negative. The quarantine for 223 soldiers was lifted.

  • before 5 h

    France closes restaurants and shops

    France closes all restaurants, shops and bars in the fight against the corona virus. Pharmacies and grocery stores or banks should remain open, announced French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday evening. However, from midnight all public facilities that are not necessary for life should close.

  • before 6 h

    New illnesses in Tyrol and appeal to young people

    A further 17 coronavirus diseases became known in Tyrol during the course of today. According to current information around ten people have a direct connection with the Paznaun Valley or St. Anton am Arlberg. Z.white people come from Innsbruck and Innsbruck Land as well as three from the city of Landeck.

    Governor Günther Platter and Deputy Governor Ingrid Felipe are now primarily addressing the young population: “We appeal to them to recognize this responsibility and to assume it. Young people and young adults are the group of our society that have the most social contacts, Taking trips and organizing your free time in a variety of ways, the young people in our society thereby spread the virus – which ultimately affects those who are among the weakest in our society most severely: older people and people with poor health, which is why we urge young people : Take back for a while, put the common good first and take responsibility for you and all of us ”.

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    River cruises on Danube stopped

    The German shipping company A-Rosa has temporarily stopped its river cruises on the Danube in Austria and on the Rhone and Seine in France due to the corona virus. Viking River Cruises and other providers had previously stopped their tours on the Danube.

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    According to A-Rosa, affected guests can rebook free of charge to another date in the 2020 or 2021 season.

    The loss of river cruise guests has a massive impact on restaurants along the Danube, for example in the Wachau. The river cruises, which have been booming for several years, have so far brought many day visitors to towns and cities on the Danube.

  • before 6 h

    Bolzano disinfects streets, squares and playgrounds

    The city of Bolzano in South Tyrol has announced that it will disinfect streets, squares and playgrounds during the night between Monday and Thursday next week. The districts are disinfected one after the other between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. The residents were asked to stay at home during the time.

  • before 6 h

    Because of the corona crisis, Berlin is now banning all public and non-public events for 50 or more people. This was announced by a spokesman for the State Chancellery on Saturday evening. Pubs, bars, arcades and clubs must therefore close. Cinemas, theaters and concert halls are also no longer allowed to open.

    Sports in public and private sports facilities are also prohibited. Swimming pools and gyms have to close their doors. In addition, patients are no longer allowed to receive a visit to the hospital – with the exception of those under the age of 16 and the seriously ill.

  • before 6 h

    In Heiligenblut, all six tests were negative

    The sixth case of coronavirus infection in Carinthia was confirmed on Saturday. The press service of the state of Carinthia reported that it was a 52-year-old woman from the Klagenfurt Land district. The responsible authorities have initiated the necessary measures and are doing the contact tracing.

    It is positive to report that all six tests in Heiligenblut are negative, according to the press service.

  • before 6 h

    Romania declares an emergency

    In view of the spread of the new Corona virus in Romania, President Klaus Johannis declared the state of emergency on Saturday, which should apply from Monday. By Saturday evening, the number of people who had been proven to be infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus had risen to 109 – seven more than on Saturday morning.

    The state of emergency gives the authorities the legal basis for measures that restrict fundamental rights, such as temporarily closing the borders, driving bans, and restricting press freedom. No specific plans for this have been announced to date.

  • before 7 h

    Anesthetist at Salzburg University Hospital tested positive for Covid-19

    An anesthetist at Salzburg University Hospital has tested positive for the coronavirus. “Immediately after the suspicion became known, all planned precautionary measures were initiated in the hospital,” my deputy governor, Christian Stöckl (ÖVP), sent in a broadcast. 84 people were temporarily sent home until Saturday evening.

    The doctor had reported himself because he feared an infection, which was then confirmed. Contact persons were identified immediately and, like the doctor, were placed in quarantine at home. The suspected cases among them were still waiting for their test results on Saturday evening.

    “Several areas of the university hospital are affected, including neonatology. At the moment, all parents are personally informed,” said Richard Greil, head of the Corona emergency response team. The ongoing operation of the university hospital has been ensured.

  • before 7 h

    US travel freeze extended to the UK and Ireland

    US President Donald Trump extends the 30-day entry ban for travelers from large parts of Europe due to the spread of the corona virus to Great Britain and Ireland. Trump announced this on Saturday at a press conference in the White House. Vice President Mike Pence added that the measure will take effect at midnight on Monday night from Tuesday.

  • before 7 h

    First death in Denmark, borders closed

    In Denmark, a patient died for the first time in connection with the corona epidemic. The 81-year-old was initially brought to a clinic for other diseases, the Copenhagen regional government reported on Saturday. There the virus was found and the man was isolated accordingly.

    In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus in the country, Denmark has closed its borders to travelers from other countries.

  • 03/14/2020, 5:16 PM

    Number of deaths in Italy rose by 175 to 1,441

    Despite draconian preventive measures, the number of coronavirus deaths continues to increase in Italy. 175 additional deaths were reported on Saturday. The number of victims has risen to 1,441 since the epidemic began on February 21, civil protection said in Rome on Saturday. The increase in the death toll was lower than on Friday, when it increased by 250 people.

    Infections climbed by 2,795 to 17,750 cases. 1,518 people are in the intensive care unit. 1,966 people have now recovered.

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