Spain, Italy, France…: balance sheets are improving and measures are continuing

LThe pandemic of the new coronavirus has killed at least 112,510 people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to an assessment established by the AFP from official sources on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. GMT.

More than 1,824,950 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 193 countries and territories since the start of the epidemic. This number of diagnosed cases, however, only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections, with a large number of countries testing only those cases requiring hospital care. Among these cases, at least 375,500 are today considered cured.


Italy announced on Sunday 431 deaths from Covid-19 disease in the past 24 hours, its weakest record since March 19 more than three weeks ago.

Never since that date (427) has this figure fallen below the 500 dead mark. This total of deaths recorded by civil protection is almost a third less heavy than that announced on Saturday (619).

Italy is one of the countries worst affected by the pandemic in the world, with nearly 20,000 dead according to official figures.

“The pressure on our hospital structures continues to drop,” said the head of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli.

For the ninth consecutive day, the number of intensive care patients fell, with 3,343 beds occupied by these seriously ill patients, the lowest level since March 23.

“We have succeeded with the measures adopted to reduce the pressure on what is a key element of our health system,” said Luca Richeldi, pulmonologist at the Gemelli hospital in Rome.

This control of contagion is particularly noticeable in Lombardy, the region of Milan in the north, the most bereaved with more than half of the deaths on the peninsula. Health officials have counted 111 deaths there in the past 24 hours: never in nearly a month (March 14), this number has been as low.

The death toll is “much lower than yesterday and after so many days there is a downward trend,” said Giulio Gallera, regional health official.


Spain, where the 24-hour death toll from the covid-19 rebounded on Sunday, remains “far from victory,” insisted Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, urging the Spanish to avoid laxity.

The third most bereaved country in the world by the pandemic behind the United States and Italy, Spain reported Sunday 619 deaths in 24 hours according to the authorities, a figure rising after three consecutive days of decline. As of Saturday, that number rose to 510, the lowest since March 23.

A total of 16,972 people have died from the disease in the country since the start of the epidemic, including more than 6,000 in the Madrid region. The number of new confirmed cases in 24 hours (about 4,100), however, declined Sunday compared to Saturday, bringing the total to 166,019 while the number of people healed stood at 62,391.

If the peak of the epidemic has been passed, according to the authorities, “we are far from victory, as long as we find this normalcy in our lives,” said Pedro Sanchez in a television address. “We all want to go back to the streets (…) but there is an even greater desire to win the war and avoid a relapse,” he added.

These statements come on the eve of the resumption of work for many Spaniards after two weeks of “economic hibernation” intended to curb the spread of the virus. As of March 30, all non-core economic activity had been halted, a measure affecting construction and industry in particular.

The country has been under general confinement since March 14, which was extended to April 25 inclusive. But Mr. Sanchez has already indicated this week that he should still be.


Shy lull on the coronavirus front: but the French must remain confined after a weekend of Easter under cover and before an intervention Monday evening by Emmanuel Macron where he should announce an extension of the confinement.

“Since Saturday, we observe 220 entries in intensive care and 255 exits, indicated the General direction of health by press release, in the absence of press point of Pr Jérôme Salomon. The balance (…) is negative for the fourth consecutive day, but for only 35 patients, it is therefore a very slight decrease. ”

And the Covid-19 continues to kill. In total, 14,393 people died in France, or 561 more in 24 hours, according to the last official report on Sunday.

“The epidemic continues in our country in a dynamic way and continues to hit hard, insists the DGS. We are seeing the start of a very high plateau but we must remain vigilant because hospital and intensive care services take care of a very large number of patients. We must not relax our efforts and continue to reduce the number of contacts every day to curb the transmission of the virus together ”.

The terms of confinement were also tightened in several regions and 160,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized this weekend to prevent the unruly from moving.

The pressure on hospitals remains strong and the mobilization of “several thousand volunteers” will still be necessary in the coming months, said the director general of Paris hospitals, Martin Hirsch, in Le Parisien.


The UK announced on Saturday 917 more deaths from the new coronavirus, bringing the total toll to nearly 10,000 on its soil, and the government stresses the importance of respecting containment over the Easter weekend.

The parks of London and certain beaches in the South have been visited by many walkers and joggers, sometimes pushing the police to intervene to send home too crowded groups, or those who tanned in the sun, which gives rise to fear of an even more pronounced relaxation .

With more than 900 deaths recorded two days in a row in hospitals, not counting retirement homes, the United Kingdom is the country in Europe where the Covid-19 is the deadliest today while Italy or Spain record recession.

The pandemic took a dramatic turn this week with the admission of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care on Monday, from where he left on Thursday evening.

According to British press, 55-year-old executive recovers from hospital doing sudokus and watching movies such as Lord of the Rings or romantic comedy Love Actually, and has received copies of ultrasound scans from his 32-year-old fiancée , Carrie Symonds, pregnant.

“The Prime Minister continues to make good progress,” said Interior Minister Priti Patel at the government’s daily press conference on Saturday, calling, however, not to forget “the seriousness of the national emergency”. revealed by “the raw numbers”.

The government must decide in the coming days on a possible extension of the containment, decreed on March 23 for three weeks initially. This hypothesis seems very likely because the authorities affirmed that they would wait until the peak is crossed to relax the measures in place, Mr. Powis warning Saturday that it was a “marathon” and not a “sprint “

On average, 84 fines for failing to comply with these measures were raised daily in England and Wales, police said.

Statistics from health authorities remain “alarming” for microbiology professor Simone Clarke. He points out that the United Kingdom should pass the 10,000 death mark on Sunday, whereas it passed that of “1,000 deaths just two weeks ago”.

And “it is now clear that young people or those with a medical history are much more exposed than we thought,” added the researcher, while the health service announced Saturday the death of a child of 11 years.


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