Spanish exports will grow 2.3% this year, below the European average

Spanish exports will grow to 2.3% this year, below the 2.5% expected as the European average in the spring estimates of the European Commission provided today by the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE).

The projections of Brussels predict a strong braking against the average of 3% achieved in the exports of goods and services of the European Union (EU) during the financial year 2018, by the "pronounced slowdown in the export rhythm in countries like Ireland and Germany", indicates the IEE.

The largest progression will correspond to a series of recently-acceded countries: Slovakia (+ 6.1%), Slovenia (+ 5.4%) and Poland (+ 5.2%), together with Greece (+ 4.7%) . Hungary, Ireland and Romania will be in figures of around 4.5%.

Spain figures in the projections below the EU average, along with nine other countries, although with a development of exports superior to other major markets such as Germany (+ 1.1%), Italy (+ 1.9%) or United Kingdom. United (+ 2.3%), although lower than France (+ 2.8%)

According to the IEE, the export rhythm of the Spanish economy has slowed "notably" from the 5.2% growth rates achieved in both 2016 and 2017. (tagsToTranslate) Spanish exports (t) average europe (t) Europe

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