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Spanish Police Raise Massive Filmed Sex Party


MADRID – Police force Spanish raided and broke up a massive sex party in a vacation flat. The raids took place as dozens of people queued outside to be filmed having sexual intercourse.

The event — that violated the rules of locking or lockdown for the prevention of Covid-19 – has been advertised as a “crime against public health”. (Read: Teacher Beheaded for Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad Trigger Big Demonstrations in France)

Three organizers of the unlicensed sex party, including controversial adult film director Ignacio Allende, have been warned they face heavy fines.

The police operation took place on Wednesday evening last week after the filming of the sex party took place at a fifth-floor studio in Madrid’s San Blas neighborhood. (Read: China places advanced missiles near Taiwan, it is feared that it will prepare for war)

Local media reports cited The Sun, Monday (19/10/2020), said dozens of men had gathered for the event after being offered the opportunity to indulge themselves for free with a small number of women with prizes for best performers.

Many excited participants were known to have queued up outside the action area X-rated took place in hopes of getting permission to join.

Allende, better known as Torbe, is one of three Spaniards identified as the trio of organizers and told they will face a fine. (Read: Again, Azerbaijan Shots Falling Armenian Su-25 Combat Jet)

Madrid is currently in a state of mini-lockdown, with restrictions on the number of people who can gather.


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