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Sparta and LM? When emotions and oak leaves fall! – Medium smooth

First of all, Sparta gave a heroic performance in Tuesday’s second leg of the LM qualification and showed what kind of football they want to play in Europe. Copenhagen survived only with enormous, even mega luck, which fell on them after the Leten team apparently offended the football god. Because if I’m lucky, I have to convert them and if I lead in extra time, even if only by a goal, I have to keep the lead even if the devil is on there. Sparta even ruled twice. And even that was not enough. So it went to penalties and the offended football god showed the middle finger to the Spartans. How sad, Watson. And deservedly so, I love Holmes.

Football was fun. Straight up orgasmic

What an excited fan saw on Tuesday evening in Letná can safely be called an advertisement for a gourmet football action. Do you want tension? You should have it! The match went into extra time, then there were also penalties. Sparta took the lead twice, Copenhagen equalized twice. Qazim Laci’s goal inadvertently ended the lives of many hearts watching the match. The game is constantly spreading from one half of the field to the other immediately, the individuality does not spare effort. The Danes’ attempts to break, break and slow down the game by passing the ball between players without trying to push forward were cut short by the high level pressure of the Spartans. The fan saw commitment, combat, but also beautiful moments of football. And the tension! Nerves like wire…

They threw the dice

Sparta knew what was at stake. Especially when it brought a promising result (perhaps a little lucky) from Copenhagen. So the cards were clearly dealt in advance – whoever wins in Prague advances. The Leten family had the advantage of a home pageant, a full house was guaranteed, and other thumbs were kept in front of the television (if there was a signal) in pubs, or on the couch at home. The Danes had nothing to envy; they must have guessed that there is definitely no country house waiting for them in Letná. They raised Sparta with a draw. And he felt a great chance.

Wiesner or Mejdr? That’s what’s happening here

Well, then you will go to a dream start. So like Copenhagen. The kick-off, the first fight (that is, the one Wiesner lost – laxly lost), a shot is not very dangerous that rubs against the Panák trying like a monster and boom! You lead a zero. You really can’t do that. Before the match, they speculated that Wiesner is a bit fragile when it comes to defending, that he prefers to attack, and even his physical parameters do not overestimate him as a tough guy who destroys everything. And the one with the physical parameters, with the defense in the blood and with a great shape, look at Wiesner’s kick from the bench. Yes, we are talking about Mejdra. But the decision was made, unfortunately. And the soccer god almost went to the toilet when he allowed Copenhagen to take such an early lead.

Certainly, there is no way that Mejdr would have been more successful than Wiesner in such a fight. No one can give you such a guarantee. But the embarrassment, the doubts about Wiesner’s commitment, will remain forever. Exactly according to the model of what if.

poor moments on the pitch are no longer a nightmare for Sparta. But Grabara does!

These moments brought Sparta down into the past. But where snow last year and campaigns like this for today’s Sparta. He is stronger, more mature, more international and has the confidence of a champion. If the Copenhagen players thought at that moment that they inflicted a serious KO on the Spartans, then they made a serious mistake. And how! In the end, even Ladislav Krejčí’s disallowed goal (due to the fall of the defending player) did not defeat Sparta. On the contrary!

Apparently, even the fan himself did not know Sparta. Aware that in the event of failure and the Danes have other possibilities to succeed in Europe, even with the certainty of the main group, perhaps he did not expect that the Letenians would still want to fight for their dreams. Better to say that a hard blow from the beginning of the match will allow them to do this. The head cannot give orders.

nonetheless, it was FC Copenhagen goalkeeper Kamil Grabara who decisively defeated the Spartan fighters. The man with the “iron mask” on his face eliminated the odds like on a conveyor belt in Ford. The fighters in red did not overcome this poor moment.

Best performance under coach Prisk? Of course!

On Tuesday, Sparta probably produced its best performance under coach Prisk. Modern, fast, reliable. Really very European. His game was not based on luck and waiting to see if the supporters of Copenhagen would make a kick à la Wiesner (sorry like) somewhere, and they went to business to determine. The spectator came to the stadium for the LM, and even if it was “for now” a qualifier, he wanted to enjoy it well. That is, the same with the procedure of flight attendants. The players knew it and didn’t want to disappoint the fans, but they also didn’t want to disappoint themselves. The “poor moment” from the beginning of the match did not make any “break” in the minds of the fighters in red. On the contrary! He encouraged them and lifted them up. Despite the less, they still wanted to win the match. And they proved it on the field. It wasn’t just wishful thinking. But Grabara is…

Sparta dictated the march. And Copenhagen adapts it

Immediately attack after losing the ball, trying to push into the Danish goal at all costs. Dribbles Haraslín, Birmančevič, “annoying” Kuchta, hard work Sadílek, dispatcher Kairinen, reliable defender led by Krejčí and Sörensen, Vindahl who plays very well with his feet, Zelený relentless. They brought the main performance in the first half. Although Wiesner had a “scratch” from the first minute, he apparently put it behind him and tried as if nothing had happened. Probably self-confidence (and this is a great realization). Perhaps only about Panák made “almost the own goal” made a small impression. But it was not a tragedy either.

If Sparta played really well, Copenhagen also had fun with football. For him, the offensive element of his game is stronger than the defense. If the Latvians had the queen of the match firmly in their hands, despite the Danes’ lead, the Danish capital team did not miss any opportunity to test the host’s defense. Well yes, who would have thought. They really have a quality team in Denmark. Players like Achouri, Elyounoussi, Goncalves, Falk and “the draft” Viktor Claesson were simply excellent. And Sparta and its fans must be more delighted that they simply surpassed the “red” team with these players. So they are overplayed with an unmistakable “but”.

A pat on the back is nice but it can’t satisfy. Sparta had to advance

Thanks to a great performance, Sparta “earned” almost a promotion. It was really only a few minutes away from him and the proverbial hair of a dog. So why are the Danes finally delighted? First of all, they can take penalty kicks. Sparta, too, but in a mental convulsion with them, he was on their side. It did not change the unconditionally accurate Krejčí. And yes, Copenhagen went to penalties with a huge psychological advantage. He took the match that was already almost lost in penalties, even equalizing the score twice in set-up. This already adds some advantages to one.

Sparta, on the other hand, went to penalties with the feeling of something that should not happen. He had a promotion on the bucket list and let himself steal it. So at the end of the fanfare, leaving the slap, Sparta was closer to progress and only by its own lack of concentration (carving the word Laci in stone), maybe even naivety, made the Danes delighted. The penalties are already a lottery, but luck favors those who have an advantage.

Some rotations (probably) didn’t work out. Maybe this shard

In Letná, they can also talk about whether the rotation went well. Wiesner has already mentioned. It is not written that the match would develop differently with Mejdre. But who will excuse me? If I wanted to run for Priske’s seat, I would certainly make that argument.

On the other hand “God” Qazim Laci. His free kick in the setup, his confidence, priceless! A football player in every inch. Just like Birmancevic. Both of them, with their goals and games, almost gave Sparta hope. That is why the Serbian’s withdrawal from the game was surprising.

Birmančević is a personality. And it plays better on the left than on the right. But on the left, another performance bearer Haraslín plays. It is difficult for a coach to put together a lineup with both fighters. In addition, they both have forms. But the fact is that “Burma” comes to life more if it moves to the left. Sparta’s equalizing goal was scored from this side as well. And he gave it – of course! Burmancevic. And he was “deservedly” replaced.

Brian Priske apparently wanted to revive the attacking game. That is why he pulled Birmančevič, as well as Haraslín and Kuchta, in the field. nonetheless, not a hundred substitutes lived up to their performance. Maybe only Olatunji. He was the only one to equalize the match. He made an interesting performance and also scored a goal. It was not fun to “gobble” his first chance, but otherwise, he was in the match. Pešek and Minčev were only a weak concoction of their predecessors. He knows about Pešek that he has not yet entered into it. Nothing, he was hurt. But we can argue whether such a match is suitable for this.

Minchev hit the post in Grabar’s shrine, and Olatunji promptly put the ball in the goal, but otherwise he did not do much. Nothing and zero compared to who it replaces. We did not find out why he replaced Birmančevič, at that time together with Laci, probably the only fighter who could decide the match, even after the match. With Pešek and Minčev, the quality of the attacking game went down a little. Unfortunately. On the other hand, we are asking for the breadth of the staff and the balance of performance. So the substitutions were not poor. Only a few came in handy.

Maybe losing on penalties is unfair, but guys, well deserved

What was the reason for the loss of Copenhagen? Were the players really unfocused and allowed to get two figs in the setup? Of course from the same player? Then things are not quite right in the minds of the Spartan players. It is simply not possible for a team to get two (in words two) goal after action that he undergoes every week in the league with an excellent result. It almost looked like the Copenhageners were making fun of them. They let Sparta take the lead and immediately took it away. nonetheless, those who saw the match know that was not the case. Sparta was not for fun, it just did not focus!? Even worse.

Copenhagen just wasn’t an unbeatable opponent on Tuesday. It was not Real or Barcelona. It was a manchaft that Sparta was supposed to knock out. No, I’m not discounting the quality of the opponent, but based on Sparta’s performance and the way the match went, they should manage it. He certainly didn’t count on penalties, Letná are not stupid. That he didn’t make it is a big deal at the beginning of the season. Regardless of the performance and the final standing ovation for the losers.

On the other hand, the standing ovation was well deserved.

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