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Specialists told, when to inhabitants of the Moscow region to wait for an exacerbation of an allergy

RIAMO – 20 Apr. The next weekend in Moscow and Moscow will begin the season of aggravation of allergies due to pollen of trees and spores of mold fungi, which are formed on dried out last year’s foliage, disputes have already begun to fly away with a spring wind, RIAMO allergists have informed.

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“The aggravation will begin because of wind-pollinated trees, but in general the very first allergen is mold fungi, which are formed on dried-up foliage last year, and their spores begin to fly apart. Therefore, who is now sneezing, this is most likely due to mold fungi, but within a week the flowering of trees will begin, “said the allergist, immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

The most dangerous allergen for the Moscow region, Bolibok called the birch, with the bloom of which begins a real explosion of allergy. Blooming birches allergist predicts closer to the May holidays.

To help allergy sufferers, Bolibok advised using Internet applications. For example, recently the service “Yandex.Pagoda” launched the section “Pollen monitoring” where the current concentration of plant allergens can be viewed on the map, as well as the forecast of the concentration of pollen of trees and other plants.

Another assistant for allergy sufferers, according to Bolibok, will be the Pollen Club service, which more accurately than “Pollen monitoring” reflects the state of health of allergic people, because in the service the allergy sufferers themselves tell other people about their condition and about where they noticed the increased concentration of pollen. In addition, the application can get expert advice and further forecasts for the spread of allergens.

In turn, the children’s allergist, the doctor of the clinical and diagnostic center “MEDSY” Inessa Morgan told how allergic people make their lives easier in such a period of time. Among the methods of protection – the use of nasal filters and proper handling of clothing.

“You can alleviate your life with nasal filters, which are now widely used, before putting them on the streets, to put them on, so that the pollen not so settles on the nasal mucosa. After each return from the street, you can wash your nose and change all your clothes, and not bring it into the room, “Morgan said.

Also Morgan advised in the period of active pollination of plants to take a bath at least two times a day.

According to doctors, allergy symptoms are sneezing, runny nose and itching in the nose, while there is no fever. Also, a characteristic sign may be inflammation of the eyes and increased photosensitivity.

In addition, the doctors noted that during the flowering period of plants, allergy sufferers with bronchial asthma should be especially cautious, because an allergy can cause an asthma attack, and this can lead to serious consequences.

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