Speed ​​Limit analysis, run I get you (PC, Xbox One, Switch, PS4)

The Croatian study Gamechuck He is not particularly known for his developments, mainly focused on interactive comics, but they have bet heavily on his latest project, taking it to all possible platforms: this month the arcade Speed Limit is published in PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch y PC, in that order; in l we will put ourselves at the controls of any kid that one fine day, riding the subway, he becomes the target of an excessively armed military force.

Everything starts when a dying man places a pistol in his hands as he rides a city train carriage. After the initial surprise, the protagonist of Speed Limit He hardly has time to think about what just happened because police, special forces agents, detectives, helicopters quickly start chasing him.The easy solution, and what we will do throughout the game, is run away: the boy does not think twice and begins to run through the wagons, while using the gun for what it was created leaving a trail of corpses in his wake.

You can run but you can’t hide

Speed Limit it’s a title heavily inspired by the classics of the 80s and 90sThat’s why we started to play in the classic style, running from left to right, and we learned that we can jump and shoot by pulling the trigger of the controller. Soon things get complicated and our flight leaves the interior of the urban train to go out to its roof; then we jumped into a convertible car and fled down the highway, from there we went to a motorcycle, from it we jumped to a helicopter, and then to a fighter plane.

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And it is that one of the strengths of Speed Limit the thing is constantly tries to change scenery to challenge us to survive in each of them. This indie game mutates its format at each level, offering us new ways to face the improvised task that has been imposed on us: sometimes we will run from left to right, other times we will control a vehicle head-on in a distorted three dimensions. Each scenario not only brings with it new ways to play, but also new enemies, challenges and perspectives.

Maybe we are driving a motorcycle that suddenly we jump into a helicopter and we begin to shoot down planes and ships with a missile.

Rapid rhythm (even more than the protagonist)

However, and although it is a game that boasts of frenzy, its well thought-out premise ends up being somewhat repetitive due to its abrupt progress; that is, every time we die the game rewinds and we repeat the action from the last control point, but as there is hardly any hint of what will appear on the screen next, every time we overcome an obstacle and include it in our assumed line of actions , it is very likely that we will end up being defeated by the next one. Definitely, the rhythm of Speed Limit turns out to be too run over to enjoy the escape.

Some moments of 'Speed ​​Limit' are quite spectacular.
Some moments of ‘Speed ​​Limit’ are quite spectacular.

The scenarios, their obstacles and the enemies we face do not change places every time we die, which helps us learn the way but spoils the fun and ends up giving the game a tedious touch. Is not a Bit.Trip Runner, where each repetition is enjoyable and the challenge escalates as we progress, but it falls short of everything we could expect from a game whose main attraction is frenzy: barely has music, there is no gamefeel well worked, the controls are quite clunky, the level design gives neither clues nor prompts for you to solve the obstacles before you can crash into them, the hitbox own and enemies are not well defined

There are times that Speed Limit It makes its pieces fit together, but others in which none of them makes you stop wanting the level to end and move on to the next. This irregularity is also noticeable in his graphic style: the pixel art Sometimes it works super well, especially in the scenes with false 3D, but other times, as in the first level, it shows a very amateur tone that takes away the spectacularity of the whole. In this sense, the most remarkable thing is the originality of some of his plans, such as those of air vehicles, although again there are others that are very little inspired.


'Speed ​​Limit' moves in a fine l
‘Speed ​​Limit’ moves on a fine line between the original and the tedious, although it usually ends up winning the latter.

After a few years working on more leisurely interactive works, Gamechuck has ventured into a frenzied arcade based on trial and error; however the narrowness of Speed Limit make it an unenjoyable game that frustrates rather than amuses. Each of the levels in this 2D game seeks to challenge the player with new mechanics and perspectives, but in the end it is left with a crude and repetitive attempt for recycling a concept that fails at the base precisely because of the lack of that frenzy, which feels imposed. Of course, without being a particularly good game, those looking for a challenge to get angry the old way can enjoy this proposal of endless action. Also from his graphic section, in which the originality of certain planes stand out at very specific levels.

We have performed this analysis on your Switch version with a code provided by Chorus Worldwide Games.


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