Spencer’s Dinwiddie’s radical plan to save the NBA 2020 season from the coronavirus

Brooklyn star Spencer Dinwiddie is receiving support from every pocket of cyberspace after he goes public with a radical proposal to save the suspended NBA season.

The NBA suspended the season on Thursday to try to protect players, staff and fans from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without the league returning soon, Dinwiddie on Sunday launched a radical plan to turn the rest of the season into a knockout tournament, similar to the NCAA tournament or Grand Slam tennis events.

The 26-year-old’s plan aims to allow the NBA to end the 2019-20 season with a full playoff campaign and to offer players still a small off-season before the 2020-21 season starts in October.

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The suspension of the NBA season should not allow the game to restart for at least another 30 days, according to Commissioner Adam Silver.

Listen to it.
Listen to it.Source: Getty Images

Dinwiddie’s plan keeps all hopes of the league for all 30 teams substantially alive – even the deplorable Golden State Warriors, who have just 15 wins over 65 games this season.

The radical proposal involves the abolition of the traditional conference system and the sowing of teams 1-30 based solely on their record of wins / losses.

Dinwiddie’s plan includes:

– The lower four teams playing a three-game wildcard weekend that would bring the pitch from 30 to 28.

– The top four teams (currently Bucks, Raptors, Lakers and Clippers) stop in the first round.

– The first round (involving teams sown 5-28) played in a series of five games reduces the total field to 16 teams (including the four teams that received the first round of greeting).

– All remaining rounds are played as the best of seven series, including the Finals series.

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Dinwiddie’s plan would certainly have re-energized the lower teams in the league, but it offers no advantage for the top teams.

Despite potential shortcomings, the plan met with broad support from basketball fans on Sunday.

“Ok, so listen to me @NBA,” Dinwiddie posted on Twitter.

“Basically, we’ve already played a 16-team playoff. We are losing about 18 games. Current viewers have said they are waiting for an exciting time / playoff to come. We also see the welcome of March Madness.

“We could do a five game setup and jump straight to the best March Madness winner out of 7 for all team tournaments. Not bound by the conference, but all 1-30s are only getting there in Staffa style. Every game would be broadcast nationwide, fans would go crazy.

“Neutral could also place the game in series (since 30 is not a uniform failure) in a football arena such as the national championship to try and recover some revenue

“@NBA I think we are seeing a 28-team tournament. The first 4 suits say goodbye. Teams 27, 28, 29, 30 have the neutral site in March Madness-style games for the best of 3.

So the round of 28 is the best of 5.

“And then the round of 16 etc. It proceeds as usual!

“My estimate of the 5 game setup takes 2 weeks. The game lasts a week at most. The extra round lasts 7-10 days. In this way the season does not go in August or something crazy that also affects the next season. Fans would go crazy for the last 4 in a neutral tournament!

“Considering the fact that we rent, I don’t think it’s as difficult as you think. That’s why the best of the 3 would be the neutral site of the football stadium to reduce travel. And the best of the 5 should be a 2-2-1 to reduce travel. . “

Spencer Dinwiddie throws bombs.
Spencer Dinwiddie throws bombs.Source: AFP

It comes after coronavirus sufferer Rudy Gobert has promised $ 800,000 AUD to help people affected by the NBA shutdown caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Last week, Gobert tested positive for the virus and the NBA quickly decided to end his season.

Ever since the NBA pulled the plug in its season, a myriad of stars have offered to help. Cleveland’s Kevin Love, MVP of the reigning league Giannis Antetokounmpo, draw no. Detroit’s Zion Williamson and Blake Griffin 1 have pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars to ease the financial burden for stadium workers facing an uncertain future and loss of earnings due to the hiatus season.

Gobert became the last to join the party, donating $ 800,000 to the health services and employees of the arena.

The 27-year-old will donate $ 300,000 in aid to part-time employees in the Jazz arena who are unable to work as the NBA is shut down in an attempt to combat the spread of the virus.

Another $ 300,000 will help families affected by the outbreak in Utah and Oklahoma City. He also promised $ 200,000 for health care in his native France.


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