Saturday, 15 Dec 2018

Spider-Man’s San Diego Comic-Con Trailer Presents Silver Sable

The San Diego Comic-Con is taking place right now, so it's best to believe Marvel's Spider-Man made an appearance, with a new trailer starring Silver Sable, a some of the best web crawlers. With the game that will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in a little over a month, it's probably one of the last times we'll see Spider-Man in action before his big debut.

Much is happening in this new trailer of Spider-Man but, without a doubt, the greatest moment was the revelation of another remarkable Spiderverse character, Silver Sable. . In the comics, Silver is the leader of an international mercenaries organization that is usually engaged to hunt down and stop the bad guys. But, she's a mercenary, remember, so she and her morons sometimes fight for the wrong side because of their "job for the highest bidder" lifestyle.

This definitely seems to be the case here, as Silver Sable Spidey has a difficult time over and over. Although we still do not have a super clear picture of the upcoming game story, additional pieces are definitely starting to come into play.

We know that Spidey ends up being caught in the middle of a prison break when many of his biggest enemies – including Rhino, Vulture and Scorpio – win an early release from incarceration. We also know that someone other than the first villain revealed in the game, Mister Negative, orchestrated all this event.

With this last trailer, we see that Spider-Man will fight these same enemies. above the city and, somewhere along the way, said city begins to turn against him. This is of course where Silver Sable intervened, hired by Mayor Norman Osborn. People no longer like the way Spidey delegates justice and now he himself has become a sought-after man. It's a pretty familiar story in comics, but it feels good. And, again, all this is assembled from several other trailers, so maybe things do not go exactly like that. Do not hesitate to add your own interpretation of the story so far in the comments below.

Another thing you probably noticed in this latest trailer is that Spider-Man looks very good. The cutscenes are super bright and, after doing practical exercises during the E3 2018, we can confirm that the action at stake is just as fast and exciting.

The year has been long for PlayStation, with a game like God of War making the first half of 2018 particularly noteworthy. Now we have the Spider-Man which will be launched on September 8 and, after what we have seen so far, it aims to launch the fall on a strong note. Hopefully the Insomniac Games can hold the landing.

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