Splashy Kekeyi Crying Hysterically While Filming with Nikita Mirzani, Why?

Suara.com – Selebgram Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka seen crying hysterically while filming together Nikita Mirzani. There, he was indeed a guest star in the Nih Kita Kepo program which was guided by the mother of three children.

This can be seen in the video ‘MOST FEAR KEKEYI FEAR HAPPENS !!! NYAI SAMPE SHOCK !!! ‘ uploaded by Crazy Nikmir REAL’s YouTube account on Sunday (13/9/2020).

It all started when his greeting Kekeyi was seen climbing up the stairs in front of the bus. Not even sitting on top, Kekeyi immediately shouted loudly.

Not only that, he also cried hysterically until many people helped him to come down.

Kekeyi cried hysterically because of his phobia of heights [YouTube/Crazy Nikmir REAL]

“Don’t you dare not dare, O Allah,” said Kekeyi still crying.

After coming down he was still crying and prostrating in front of his mother. Kekeyi continues to apologize to his parents when he did something wrong all this time.

After filming the program, Kekeyi was invited by Nikita Mirzani to her house to eat her favorite pentol or meatball.

There, Kekeyi revealed the reason to cry hysterically. He said he was afraid of heights.

“That’s why I was on the bus when I was on the bus, I felt like I wanted to approach,” Kekeyi said.

Unbelievable, Nikita Nirzani asked whether the crying scene was just acting or not. However, Kekeyi immediately denied it.

“That’s how I cry. I’m not acting. I like to approach my lesson. There I say, ‘Oh God, if I really teach me, I hope I can still get money,” said Kekeyi.

“But it’s not that high, too high,” said Nikita Mirzani.

He was really worried that he could die because of his phobia. Kekeyi didn’t want to leave his mother alone.

“I’m afraid, for example, if I die, who is my mother (who’s looking for money) because my mom doesn’t work now,” said Kekeyi.

“Keke the backbone of the family?” asked Nikita Mirzani.

“Well, that’s it. I have my father. But I want to give my mother too,” concluded Kekeyi.

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