Splashy, Queen Rizky Nabila’s breastfeeding is poisonous, these are amazing facts about breastfeeding

Jakarta – Recently, a chaos occurred between Queen Rizky Nabila and her ex-husband Alfath Fathier and his new wife who said that her breast milk was poisonous. Suddenly this tickled the ears of nursing mothers. How could it not because breast milk has amazing benefits even the process of breastfeeding requires a struggle that is not easy.

Breastmilk (ASI) is the most ideal food for newborns. The content of breast milk cannot even be replaced by any formula milk. No wonder the breast milk that is naturally given to mothers is an amazing thing because it can meet the nutritional value of the baby according to his needs.

Launching from the page Verry Well Family, Breast milk is recommended by all world health organizations as the most ideal food for babies, especially in the first six months, and can be continued for up to two years with the addition of solid foods. So what is the composition of breast milk so that it is highly recommended and of high value?

Breast milk is made up of hundreds of different bioactive molecules, some of which are not yet fully understood by scientists. Although formula milk also provides complete nutrition, it cannot fully replicate the immune benefits of breast milk, “says Willow Jarosh, MS, RD, a nutritionist in New York.

In addition to the nutritional content of breast milk, it also includes antibodies for babies which are very much needed in early life. Even direct breastfeeding by giving breast milk from the breast can build a relationship between the baby and the parents, thus making the child a confident and emotionally intelligent person in the future.

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As reported by the page Family and Co Nutrition, based on research it is proven that babies who are given ASI are smarter than those who do not eat them. Babies can also avoid digestive problems to dangerous diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Yes, that’s right. Mother’s milk is a wonderful food for babies. Giving breast milk to babies can make optimal growth and development. If you can give it, you are a very lucky mother.

Here Bubun describes what the composition and nutrients are contained in mother’s breast milk. For mothers of breastfeeding fighters, keep fighting for the baby, you can do it.

The approximate composition of breast milk is 87 percent water, 7 percent lactose, 4 percent fat and 1 percent protein. Fat and lactose are carbohydrates or sugars that provide most of the energy in breast milk. This is what babies need. Additionally, many other molecules make breast milk more than just a nutrient.

For more complete information, read on the following page, Mother!

Let’s look at the explanation that tempeh can increase breast milk production in the following video:

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