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No, that’s not what we found. To go to the beginning of chapter 3, which is the chapter on evaluation, the conclusion was: ineligible applications have been identified and no application deemed ineligible has received funding.

This is the process of assessing Sport Australia’s eligibility. What happened then was that late applications were taken into account, which were not eligible under the guidelines; Changes have been made to existing applications, which were not eligible under the guidelines, and have been funded.

But at the moment, to say that this refers to Sport Australia’s evaluation process, Sport Australia has removed from its list those it deemed ineligible – that’s what that result is. The subsequent letters say that there were the five new questions and the four modified questions.

So, since things took longer, because you were now working two shifts instead of three and there were financing agreements, you had eight projects in which, according to the details provided by the proposer, the project had been completed before the funding grant was signed .

They are not eligible under the program. There were 270 things where the project had started before the funding agreement was in effect, which is also not eligible under the program. We get to about 43% of those who received funding that were not eligible at the time of signing the financing agreement.


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