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Spotify changes its home screen and is amazing

Spotify is today the largest independent company specialized in the music streaming, which makes your business depend exclusively on your specialty. And that requires that they try to offer whenever possible the best of the best.

The Swedish company has redesigned its home screen to offer a much clearer shortcut when it comes to accessing our favorite tracks.

The new home screen is ideal for finding the music you like

Spotify has decided to make a great reform to its start menu (yes, the one that appears when you open the application) with the aim of being your new favorite place of the application.

This menu from now on you will have two sections. On the one hand we will have a favorites section at the top of the application, where the themes that you have already declared that you love appear.

Most of the main screen is taken by a new option called for you, a section in which music and podcast suggestions will appear that Spotify thinks you might like.

This section not only learns from your tastes, but also analyzes the time of day you are in.

The example cannot be clearer, and if you only listen to podcasts in the morning and in the afternoon you are used to listening to Rock music, this section will only recommend podcasts in the morning and rock music in the afternoon.

Spotify has announced that the new start menu begins arriving today to the Android or iOS application. As usual, the deployment is done from the server, so even if you have the application updated you may have to wait a few hours or even days until you receive it.

In our case, for example, the new section has appeared for a few moments until it has disappeared again.




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