Spotify is testing its own version of the stories

Bring together artists and their fans. This is one of the obsessions of the giant Spotify streaming.
World leader in the sector

   , the Swedish company is testing a feature that opens the possibility for content producers on its platform to address those who listen to their songs.

This tool, named "Storylines" and discovered Monday by the Android Police site, is based on the model stories created and popularized by Snapchat,
but copied throughout the social media industry

    (including Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Youtube). It will allow artists to share their daily life, ideas and inspirations while reading songs through a series of thumbnails with which the user can interact.

As emphasized

   This feature is already similar to what Spotify has been offering since 2016 with the "Behind The Lyrics" feature. This tool developed in partnership with the American site Genius, offers the lyrics of some titles and the stories behind it.

Inaccuracies about "Behind The Lyrics"

But "Behind The Lyrics" has been criticized by various artists in recent months for inaccuracies on the origin of certain pieces. "Storylines" should leave it to artists and production teams to reclaim this process, via a popular and interactive format (stories can contain lyrics, text or images). The partnership with Genius could be threatened in the long run.

For now, the tool is in test phase on Android and iOS in the United States and other markets of the group, on different tracks. "Sucker" of the Jonas Brothers or "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish integrate for example the new tool. We are constantly testing new ways to create better experiences for more users, "says a group spokesperson at Techcrunch, without giving a date on a broader deployment.

A new tool for podcasts

The Swedish giant wants however much more prolix on the podcast,
growth relay assumed for several months

   . Spotify, through its subsidiary Soundtrap acquired in 2017, announced Tuesday the launch of Soundtrap for Storytellers, "a complete podcasting solution," according to the group's press release.

Starting at $ 14.99 per month (or $ 11.99 for an annual membership), it will include tools for transcription and editing of vocal content, a sound effects bank and tools to increase visibility of podcasts on the Spotify platform.

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