Spotify Launches ‘Sawtik’ to Celebrate Arab Women Artists in MENA

The initiative begins with 16 voices including Khtek and Nada Azhari from Morocco

World’s Largest Audio Platform ‘Spotify’ Launches ‘Sawtik’, an Initiative to Celebrate and Amplify the Voices of Emerging Unsigned Artists in the MENA Region, Following Research that Has Revealed Their Growing Under-representation in the Music Scene of the region. “With female artists accounting for less than 13% of MENA-based label signatures over the past five years, ‘Sawtik’, which stands for ‘Your Voice’, will use Spotify’s reach to increase their visibility, while also offering them education, networking opportunities and marketing support, ”the Spotify statement read. According to the same source, the initiative begins with a team of 16 emerging voices from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Thus the Arab superstar Latifa contributes as godmother of this initiative. Commenting on the launch, Claudius Boller, Managing Director Middle East and Africa (MEA) at Spotify, said in this regard that “Sawtik is one of the many ways we are using to amplify the voices of emerging women artists in the world. Middle East and North Africa and use Spotify’s global reach to advance their careers. We are only just beginning this journey, and with Latifa joining Sawtik as the initiative’s first sponsor, the artists will have an amazing mentor who will provide them with advice and knowledge ”.

To honor its commitment to women in music and the arrival of “Sawtik,” Spotify is also launching a regional campaign highlighting the musical and cultural contributions of women artists through a series of activities and experiences. On the platform, listeners can see Arab female artists featured on the covers of 18 of Spotify’s flagship playlists, including Arab X and Arab Hip-Hop, as well as throwback playlists and more for a week with a call to action to check out the official Sawtik playlist. Additionally, the first song on each of these playlists will be performed by female artists. “The ‘Sawtik’ playlist will continue to highlight the region’s incredibly talented emerging women artists who deserve to be recognized for their art. Music fans will also be able to see the faces of the first Sawtik artists on billboards in Cairo, Riyadh, Amman and Casablanca, ”the same source explains.

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