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The unparalleled beauty of the West Virginia hills begins to emerge this month, when trees begin to leaf through and flowers appear on the slopes.

The emerging beauty is marred, however, by the accumulation of waste that is evident on almost every road in the county. The small amount of snow this winter has unmasked what is covered in white in most years. By the summer it may be covered again in some places, but in the spring this product of one of the most hateful habits of man is exposed.

If the problem needs to be corrected, now is the time to do it.

A recent trip through Wetzel and Tyler County has left a lot to be desired. The main arteries of the counties are scattered from the roads to the currents. A trip from Bens Run to Proctor along Rt.2 puts you in a serious state of depression. Work must begin and soon the state, counties and communities must participate in a cleansing campaign. Many groups of volunteers are ready to help, women’s clubs, garden clubs, schools, scout troops, 4-H groups, veteran organizations and senior citizens groups may be asked to participate.

It will work if the people of the state enter the spirit of effort. It is not necessary to belong to an organization to participate. Anyone can help. Just a county-by-county effort, together with a small organization.

Cleaning weeks are already scheduled in New Martinsville, starting in May and lasting until October. The bins will be placed at the Hydro and the workers will be available to assist the unloading for those who need help. If everyone does their part, it becomes much easier. The beauty of our state starts at home. The other day we saw a driver unload the garbage from his collection bed before driving through the car wash. A clean truck, but dirty ground.

It is a request worn out by time, but it never loses its truth. If everyone helps, the city, the county and the state can shine. Clean your house this week and next. Clean your neighborhood too.

West Virginia will have many visitors this year. We do the spring cleaning done properly before they arrive.


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