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Spy risk, Tesla banned in China if there is President Xi. What about Chinese cars in Europe?

The models of the California brand cannot approach President Xi Jinping and the top Chinese officials present. The fear is that they act as spies, being able to record and transmit images and sounds. A risk that could be represented by many Chinese models coming to us as well?

Andrea Tartaglia


– Milan

Tesla away from President Xi Jinping and top Chinese office. It’s not a purely aesthetic fact like that that doesn’t make American brands appear as a background to the higher authority of the dragon. The news is published by Reuters it may seem curious, sometimes surreal, but it has a specific reason: Beijing fears that Elon Musk’s machine might act as an eye and ear for the enemy, the U.S. government. An issue that China takes very seriously and for two months all Tesla models will be banned from entering and driving in the coastal district of Beidaihe, in the eastern part of the Asian country, which in July to August will hold a series of meetings there. major Chinese leaders include President Xi.


The news came as no surprise to fans of what is happening in Beijing. The decision of the Beidaihe authorities came in fact a few weeks after the banning of Tesla cars on some streets in Chengdu City, this time in the heart of the country, began in June in conjunction with President Xi Jinping’s visit. in. Also in this case, obviously, the authorities consider the presence of the models of California brands to be a danger, and the fact that they are assembled in China little problem, the risk of espionage is great, so much so that access to Tesla. the models also hindered in Chinese military and government installations. The technological equipment present on the American brand model allows, in fact, to record images and sounds inside and outside the vehicle, they can be relayed remotely via connection. Over the air (Ota). In short, a perfect spy.

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If Beijing fears cars are connected to foreign brands, and therefore opponents if not enemies, what attitude should Western countries, including Europe, have towards many Chinese models on the road? There is talk of particularly advanced electrical models, equipped with connection systems that are difficult to trace and that could transmit sensitive information to China. What would happen, for example, if an unsuspecting European or American driver legitimately entered a government or military facility and the car began to record images and sounds and link them somewhere in the land of the dragon? It sounds like the plot of a spy movie, but it might be more real than you think. On the other hand, it is public knowledge that Chinese-made cameras and routers have been massively installed throughout Italian territory, even acting as surveillance for highly sensitive targets such as Palazzo Chigi and Fiumicino airport. To whom do they transmit images and sounds? The spy wars have already begun.

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