St John's volleyball won seventh DCSAA title and the second championship this week


“It's great to go out with a bang,” said Taylor. “This is my last year, my team sent me the happiest captain, and I am glad that they have helped me go to this time.” T

“We were just deep. And we were on that way all the season, ”said Coach Bill Pribac. “If we had some injuries, everyone was picking each other again as we went along.”

The Pupils were trailing 7-1 in the second row, when the outer hitter killed Rachel Richardson, who ended with a high 15 game, a team taking off the Tigers 24-5 to close the set out.

“We started playing badly,” said Pribac. “We didn't get on well at the start, but as soon as we got it, we started to pull away.”

Pribac joined five senior citizens in the final series, and the pupils blew down Wilson – jumping out with a lead 11-5 and never looking back.

“We wanted to get all the older people on the floor to get the last hurray,” said Pribac. “Every time we do that, they were not disappointed. It was great fun to see them completing their careers on the court. ”

The depth of St John was defined this season. Whether Richardson was wearing the ball past defenders, Mayan Boykin senior who founded colleagues or freshman medium hitter Pamela McCune coming off the bench and providing spark, Pribac received contributions from almost everyone who asked him .

With a few subclasses experiencing the high level, the coach is already thinking about how the team will look next season.

“Many of them had the opportunity to experience things at the high level,” said Pribac. “They'll be ready to step up next year. We will have some holes, but those holes will have to be filled by the players coming back. ”


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