Štaidl († 75): GOTT’S WISHES NOT FULFILLED! What have two life friends not managed to do?

In the autumn of 2018, both greats, long-term colleagues and friends began to meet regularly for preparation Gott’s autobography. They had meetings at Stairs at home, near the maternity hospital at Apolinář, several. “And at one point, Dad wished that if Lada managed to bring together all the living members of his former orchestra, he would like them to stand with him on stage once more,” she told the daily Aha! Slavík’s daughter Dominika Gottová (47), whom his father then confided in.

The ideal event for the fulfillment of wishes was the upcoming Gotta’s concert in the Prague O-arena, where he wanted to celebrate the approaching 80th birthday with his fans in June 2019. But before Christmas 2018, Karel learned that acute leukemia had fully erupted in him and his plans had failed. Gott and his management canceled the concert in the O₂ arena well in advance, and Slavík sang only smaller pre-arranged events. He was still seen with Štaidl in the spring of 2019, when they continued to work on the planned autobiography. Then the Master died in October.

The Štaidl family is planning a funeral, the composer is left with a huge property! AND Hlaváčové sad words about the end

The twenty-year era

Štaidl founded his orchestra in 1967 and left it twenty years later, when he left the band to Pavel Větrovec (71). During that time, he accompanied Gott on stages around the world, including during his eight-month engagement in Las Vegas in 1968.

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Secret Mass for the Stalks

The composer did not want any funeral, he even stated it in a will. He also missed the funeral mass for Karl Gott († 80) in the Church of St. Vitus. “I didn’t want to show up anywhere,” he explained then. However, the friends did not want to accept this decision and in the Prague church of St. Ludmila met on Sunday to honor his memory. There were about eighty of them there that morning. “The Mass was ordered by a collaborator of Ladislav Štaidl from his company together with his cousin,” said Jakub Berka, the pastor of St. Ludmila, who served the Mass. “I mentioned that Mr. Staidl went to the Divine Heart of the Lord with his parents until he was sixteen,” said the spiritual Aha !. Then everyone prayed for the deceased. Among the mourning guests was also, for example, the star photographer Jakub Ludvík (51). According to the information Aha! the family had Ladislav Štaidl cremated in strict secrecy.

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