Star Sunny in danger? Threats and police in action…

According to the website, the fans of the series allegedly do not like that it should endanger the relationship in the story Eva Burešová (27) a When Lambory (25). “Unfortunately, people are already writing terrible messages to me. I don’t get a picture until the middle of October and I get such news that I already had to deal with the police and lawyers. I also had death threats. That he knows where my mom lives, that they stab me in the studio, that they come to rape me, that they kill my mom and me. It was crazy, “Denisa told

Actress Denisa Nesvačilová: I have a three-month reserve, then it will be stupid:

That is why Denise the police offered protection, but did not use it. “I can’t imagine anyone watching me all the time. I wouldn’t like that. I believe that everything will be fine, “she hoped in an interview for

Denisa Nesvačilová: Emancipation ends at home when I need to take the wardrobe to the 3rd floor


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