Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: Top or Flop?

Starting today Star Trek: Discovery on again. We are already ready for the third season of the series. But is that a bit successful? Today we list the first reviews for you.

Star Trek: Discovery picks up the thread right after the end of the second season. So we see Michael Burnham crash in the future. She comes out of a wormhole and collides with a starship belonging to Charles ‘Book’ Booker. Both crash on an unknown planet, where they get to know each other.

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What is going on?

The new season focuses on the question of what happened to the Federation. It is a lot smaller than it has been until now. And that is because of something: the ‘Burn’. We will leave it in the middle for a moment.

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Below the first reactions in a row! : “Based on these first few episodes, we expect a satisfying and emotional journey for anyone who decides to take it.”

Decider: Discovery now feels like a refreshing take on classic Trek. The first season revolved around a crew who didn’t trust each other, driven apart by a captain who didn’t tell them. This third season lets them work as a unit, exploring strange new planets.

Slant Magazine: “This shift to a more ensemble-driven, idea-focused format is very welcome.

Ars Technica: “Discovery’s rebirth is the rebirth of the Federation’s optimism … and we need it more than ever!”

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