Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: You Must Know This!

5. Where had we gone?

At the end of the second season, the USS Discovery jumped hundreds of years into the future to destroy an artificial intelligence that threatened the present. Officially, the Discovery was ‘destroyed’ in the space battle, but that’s actually a cover-up. The technology on board the ship is so dangerous that no one is allowed to know about it. Now that Discovery is in the future and all information about the ship is under lock and key, the timeline of Star Trek at least again.

The future into which the Discovery will end is unfortunately not so bright. The Federation is on its last legs after a major disaster wiped out almost all planets. The Discovery crew tries to rebuild the ‘space UN’.

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4. The Story of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

The Federation is in ruins, the crew of the USS Discovery have no idea what’s going on, and the future is populated by humans and aliens with unclear motives. The Discovery crew is trying to assist, or even re-establish, the Federation; there is still uncertainty about this.

In any case, it becomes clear from the trailers that the third season covers quite a long period. Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) arrives in the future with a short haircut, but we see her walking around with dancing long hair! So it looks like the Discovery will really stay in the future (or hair extension technology is super advanced in the future).

The Discovery still flies to familiar ones Star Treklocations, but almost 1,000 years later. The third season therefore looks a bit like Star Trek: Voyager, in which the USS Voyager accidentally lands on the other side of the universe. It also reminds a bit of the new one Star Trekmovies from 2009: they take place in a different timeline. In fact, the third season is a kind of restart of Discovery.

According to the makers, the third season will in any case be a bit less violent than the previous one Discoveryadventures. although Star Trek: Discovery popular, found many Star Trekfans shoot it and chop a bit ‘too much’. The series becomes a bit more optimistic in the third season, as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry liked to see it himself.

3. The mission of the USS Discovery

That is still unknown! The first few episodes revolve around Michael Burnham and her return aboard the Federation ship. On the ship they have to determine what they are actually going to do: that is not easy if you are just thrown into the future.

What is striking is that the space disaster that the Federation has craved has isolated planets. Spaceships can no longer fly everywhere, which makes communication difficult. Perhaps the unique ‘spore drive’ of the USS Discovery can do something about this?

Saru seems to have become something of a demigod to his people the Kelpians in the 1,000 years since his disappearance; that is also an interesting hook.

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