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Star Wars: 10 most heroic things Kylo Ren has done

The Star Wars The sequel trilogy featured many new and exciting characters, but one of the most acclaimed and acclaimed was Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, also known as Ben Solo. Han Solo and Leia Organa’s lost son, Kylo Ren, is a character who has struggled with attraction to the light throughout his life, even if he tries to hold on to the darkness he feels he deserves.

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But in the course of the trilogy, and in the second and third films in particular, Kylo shows that after all there is good in him. At the end of the day, it’s far more of the villain than the first movie frames him like. He is a hero, although unconventional, perhaps byronic.

10 Backed up for sparing the First Osnian

Kylo Ren observes Starkiller's fire in Star Wars The Force Awakens

The world of Star Wars characteristics, just as the title suggests, serious battles in the world of a galaxy far, far away. But The force wakes up clarifies very early that, although Kylo Ren may be a user of the dark side, he is not such an active participant in the battles waged within the Star Wars universe.

During a meeting with Supreme Leader Snoke and his rival within the First Order, General Hux, Kylo seriously claims not to use Starkiller’s base to destroy Hosnian Prime. Hux’s suggestion is that Snoke orders the First Order to follow, and Kylo is forced to be an involuntary spectator of the destruction he has just tried to prevent.

9 He offered compassion to Rey through their Force Bond

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren Ben Solo and Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

It would have been easy for the sequel trilogy to present a one-dimensional villain, a character free of conflict and feelings. And to be honest, there are characters who play that role, like Hux, Snoke and Palpatine. But Kylo Ren was never intended for this purpose, and this becomes especially clear The last Jedi.

The film establishes the Force Force complex between Kylo and the scavenger Rey, a bond that allows them to get close to each other and share intimate secrets and displays of compassion, including making sure that they are not alone in the world.

8 Spared the Resistance fleet with Leia on it

Kylo Ren and Leia Organa

In the opening act of The last Jedi, the Resistance is under attack and particularly vulnerable to the First Order. Ship after ship is eliminated, with Kylo Ren even leading the part of the campaign. But at a crucial moment, Kylo shows his internal struggles and also his heroic tendencies.

When he realizes that his mother, General Leia Organa, is on the ship of the fleet he was preparing to attack, Kylo goes against his alleged directive, choosing not to shoot the ship because of his deep emotional loyalty.

7 Rey healed

Rey on Exegol in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

The climatic clash between Rey and Emperor Palpatine could be one of the most disappointing parts of an overall disappointing film. But what results from their showdown leads to one of Ben’s greatest heroic moments. After dragging himself back to the surface, Ben crawls in search of Rey, finding that he seems to have succumbed to his injuries.

And then, in a demonstration of true selflessness and strength, Ben draws on the strength of the Force and their dyad bond within it, to use the strength of its life force to heal Rey and bring her back to life.

6 He killed his own knights

Star Wars 9 Knights of Ren Empire

The Knights of Ren are some of the most frustrating parts of the sequel trilogy, as they have never been developed beyond being faceless criminals acting at the behest of their leader, Kylo Ren. But all this changes in the final act of The Rise of Skywalker, when Kylo Ren turns to the light and becomes Ben Solo again.

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As he fights to join Rey on Exegol, the newly-transformed Ben does what once would have seemed unthinkable as he fights and kills his team of previously loyal knights.

5 Compared to Palpatine

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren and Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker

If you think Palpatine had a real purpose The Rise of Skywalker Or not, there is no denying that he managed to provide Kylo Ren with some serious drama material, included in the opening sequence of the film. After fighting the Sith loyalists on Mustafar, Kylo travels to Exegol to find out the source of the Emperor’s secret messages.

And as soon as he makes contact with Palpatine, Kylo is willing to attack, threatening to kill the decrepit Sith without hesitation. And of course, face the emperor again in the final act of the film.

4 Snoke killed

When Kylo Ren entered Snoke’s throne room in the final act of The last Jedi, he did so with the intent of bringing a prisoner Rey to his leader. Since the disturbing things search for much of the scene, nobody could have expected what would really happen.

After developing a deeply personal and private bond with Rey over the course of the film, Kylo enters into this confrontation with Snoke not exactly as loyal to his master as Snoke would have believed. So when Snoke encourages Kylo to hit his real enemy, Kylo draws on that heroic and empathic side and instead kills the corrupt leader.

3 He dragged himself out of a pit to save the day

The Rise of Skywalker it is a film that polarizes to the maximum. But without a doubt, a feature of the film that received universal praise is the representation of Ben Solo in the few minutes of time in which he was assigned after returning to the light. The raw intensity of Adam Driver in his portrait is breathtaking and also excruciating.

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This is particularly evident at a particular time when, after being thrown into a pit by the emperor and seriously injured in the process, Ben still manages to find the altruistic strength and heroism needed to drag himself out of the pit in order to to seek out a sick Rey.

2 Choose the light over the dark

Han Solo and Ben Solo in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Given the frame of Kylo’s journey in the first two films of the trilogy, it was clear that he was headed for an arch of redemption, regardless of whether it was over. The Rise of Skywalker made in a particularly moving scene, when a Kylo in difficulty finds himself visited by the memory of his father, Han Solo.

Right now, Kylo relives the last moment he shared with his father and this time he chooses to embrace the light inside him. At that moment, he accepts his father’s love and forgiveness, returns to the light and becomes Ben Solo again.

1 He sacrificed himself to save Rey

Ben Solo in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Which, of course, brings us to Ben’s final act and the most heroic thing I’ve ever done. In curing Rey, Ben uses all his life force to bring her back, drying up his life in the process. After the two young lovers embrace without words, sharing a kiss and tearful smiles, Ben succumbs to his wounds and becomes one with the Force.

He let himself be saved by the love of his family and, in his death, he saved Rey with the strength of his own love. It’s not much more heroic than that, even if their story deserved a different ending.

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