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‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Mandalorian’ did something unique in the second season

The Mandalorian did not leave the ‘house’ so far, but did it in the second season anyway.

Star Wars-serie The Mandalorian is not only the first live-action series in the franchise, it is also the first large-scale production to use a very special technology.

StageCraft was developed by Lucasfilm and uses large LED screens. That makes it possible to quickly conjure up exotic locations and makes the job of VFX workers easier than ever. Those locations and some effects are projected behind the actors, allowing recordings to continue relatively quickly and cheaply.

Leave StageCraft

Nevertheless, it left season two The Mandalorian the StageCraft studio temporarily. “We went out with the series for the first time. The Volume is incredible, but has its limitations”, said Director of Photography David Klein on the episode in which Boba Fett made his debut.

“If we were going to use the direct sunlight, we would go to the backlot, but it wasn’t big enough for this and so we ended up in the Simi Valley. There it was a tough terrain and we had to drag everything up the mountain through the rocks. It’s dry there, so we weren’t allowed to use fire, no explosions. Only when you see Fennec running over the rocks, you see real explosions. “

So there is a lot of what you see in the Boba Fett episode for real. Beautiful!

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