Starting from Grandma’s Story, the Police Successfully Uncovered the Mafia Narcotics Syndicate

ROMA, – The story of a grandmother in Italy who helps police uncover the mafia drug syndicate in southern Calabria.

This was revealed by the authorities on Wednesday (10/3/2021), as quoted from AFP.

The grandmother asks the police to save her grandson from the drug trafficking, and her stories provide clues to exposing the mafia’s practices.

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Police said 18 people were arrested on suspicion of selling drugs around the Calabria district of Cetraro as part of the Muto group.

The clan is one of the famous in ‘Ndrangheta, the mafia which is among the strongest in the world, and its main business is drugs.

“Grandma came to the Carabinieri (police) to ask them to save her grandson from the world of drugs,” Colonel Piero Sutera, commander of the local Carabinieri, told a press conference.

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Large quantities of cocaine were obtained by the Muto clan from intermediaries in other parts of Calabria, according to investigators.

It is said that they found 250 transactions in the sale and purchase of drugs.

Muto was also involved in extortion of a tourism businessman, where one of the victims had asked the police for help.

“People are suffering and are embarrassed by the behavior of these criminals who extort money,” said anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, as quoted by the daily. Southern Gazette.

Gratteri, who is the main prosecutor in the high-level trial of ‘Ndrangheta with more than 300 defendants, said some of the money from extortion went into the pockets of clan members in prisons and their families.

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