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“Starting High School Next Year”

Stop the entrance test Remedy. The rules of access to the faculty have changed, and a new path can also begin in the fourth year of high school. To declare is there University Minister Maria Cristina Mesadespite The Breakfast Club on Radio Capital.

The minister said: “From next year, there will not be a single entrance test for the Faculty of Medicine. There will also be a path that can start in the fourth year of high school, where students will be able to try their hand at the test up to four times and enter the standings with better results. “

Lack of doctors: “We need time”

About lack of doctors The minister explained that this is “a serious problem for the next two years, we are paying for what was planned years ago”. The minister’s attempt was to “increase the number” of students who can enter graduate schools and those who can enter the University of Medicine. But the Minister warned that the necessary time: “The consequences of such reforms will not be immediate.”

“We also need to make the work of GPs working in local areas more attractive because fewer and fewer young people want to do this job,” Mass concluded.

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