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State Actors Behind the Singapore Cyberattack: Experts

State actors likely to be behind the Singapore cyberattack: Experts


  Prosperous Singapore is hyper-connected and on the drive to digitize government records and essential services

  Wealthy Singapore is hyper-linked and on the drive to digitize government records and essential services

Wealthy Singapore is hyper-linked and Searching for Digitization of Government Files and Essential Services

Governmental actors were probably behind Singapore's largest cyber attack to date, security experts say, citing the scale and complexity of the hack. The Minister of Health had broken a government database and stolen the health records of 1.5 million Singaporeans, including the Prime Minister, […] Lee Hsien Loong, who had been specifically attacked during the "unprecedented" attack.

Singapore's Health Minister said the strike was "deliberate, purposeful and well-planned cyberattack and not the work of occasional hackers or criminal gangs."

While officials have refused to comment on the identity of the hacker ci "Operational Security" AFP explained that the complexity of the attack and its focus on high-level targets such as the Prime Minister pointed to the hand of a state actor.

"A cyber-espionage threat actor could be exposing sensitive health information … to a person in a position of interest to espionage" on their behalf, said Eric Hoh, Asia-Pacific president of cybersecurity firm FireEye

Hoh said National Channel NewsAsia channel that the attack

"The nature of such attacks is that they are carried out by nation states with very advanced tools," he said.

"They tend to be well-equipped too Being Well Financed and High "

Health data is of particular interest to cyber attacks as it can be used to blackmail people into positions of power," said Jeff Middleton, executive director of cyber consulting firm Lantium.

"A LOT OF INFORMATION ABOUT A PE The health of Rson can be taken from the medications they take," said Middleton AFP Saturday.

"All non-public health information could be used for blackmail, and Russian intelligence services have a long history of doing so," he added.

Medical information, such as personal information, can also be easily monetized in criminal forums, said Sanjay Aurora, managing director of Darktrace Asia Pacific

"Beyond a disastrous reason for an attack would be a widespread disorder and systemic harm to health care – as a fundamental component of critical infrastructure – or to undermine the confidence in a country's ability to protect personal information. "he told AFP

– Hyper-Connected –

The affluent Singapore is hyper-connected and on a drive To digitize government records and essential services, including medical records that public hospitals and clinics can share via a centralized database. [19659009] But the authorities have slowed down these plans while investigating the cyberattack. A former judge will conduct an investigation to investigate the incident.

Singapore officials have warned against jumping Conclusions on the attackers

"As for the Prime Minister's data and why he was targeted, I would say that it is best not to think about what the attacker is said David Koh, Head of Cyber ​​Security in Singapore. Hackers used a computer infected with malware to gain access to the database between June 27 and July 4 before administrators "

While Singapore owns some of the most advanced military weapons in the region, the government says it fends off thousands of cyberattacks every day, and long warns against nation-states being attacked by actors as diverse as high school students in their bedrooms.

Earlier this month, US intelligence chief Dan Coats described Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea as the "worst offenders" when it came to attacks on American "digital infrastructure."


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