“State of danger” today at 21.15 on TVP1

The date of the film’s broadcast was postponed several times. The documentary was to be shown on April 10, on the 11th anniversary of the disaster, but that day TVP1 viewers could watch a film summary of the work of Antoni Macierewicz’s subcommittee.

“All evidence points to an explosion.”

– All the evidence we have, all the knowledge we have accumulated, indicates that there is no other possibility than the plane crash by the explosion. And it’s not fuel, but materials used in the military, industry. We showed it precisely in the movie. Step by step. Logically. This cannot be questioned – says Ewa Stankiewicz in an interview published by the portal wPolityce.pl.

– Our assumption was to make the film understandable to young viewers, including international ones. But how is it in life – something for something. Such an approach meant that many individual investigative findings and shocking facts could not be included in the “State of threat”. Hence, we are already working on the second part, I am also looking for a publisher who would like to publish a book containing these materials. I would like to point out that when I talk about the film, I use it in reference to the authors of the plural, because the final effect is due to the entire team: Paweł Suchta – editor and co-creator of the film, Robert Kaczmarek – executive producer, a great team of documentary filmmakers and good TVP supervisors – Anna Ferens and David Wildstein – points out the documentary filmmaker.

What in the second part?

Ewa Stankiewicz pointed out what to expect from the second part of “State of Danger”.

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– First of all, following the paths that have not been investigated by official institutions of the Polish state. A good example is the information I obtained about the surveillance of the late Remigiusz Musia, a Yak-40 flight technician, who landed in Smolensk and was a key witness in the investigation, saw, among other things, as one of the first places of the crash – says the journalist.

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