Stavås Skistad: – – Was really angry with myself

BEITOSTØLEN (Dagbladet): There were great expectations attached to Kristine Stavås Skistad (21) last season. Instead, she had a difficult second season marked by adversity.

In August, she told Dagbladet that she had found many answers to what was not working, and that during the run – up she had avoided the same mistakes she made last season – among other things by running the muscles too hard.

Now she says that it was going to go wrong not long afterwards.

– I was almost out driving a few weeks ago. It will be exciting to see if you need a few more weeks, or if it is okay for the sprint, Stavås Skistad says to Dagbladet before Friday’s sprint.

She elaborates:

– I came home from collection and was completely driven. I started training again, but then it didn’t work very well. But I took it easy quickly and I think it will go well.

– How did you experience it?

– I was really angry with myself, that I managed to put myself in such a situation, but you learn as long as you live, she says.

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The season run-up has been a raw run for the sprinter, who is on a recruiting national team with athletes who primarily have long-distance goals.

– It has been extremely hard gatherings and I have felt that I have been really tired when I have come home. It has not moved as I would like, but at the same time I have trained extremely hard, because I have also trained a lot of sprint sessions on my own when I am not at a gathering, says Stavås Skistad and continues:

– It has been a run, but it seems that I have managed to recover now, and I hope that I save the season, even though there has been a bit of turbulence at times.

– I like to have more control over the training, so we’ll see how it turns out. At least I have trained hard enough, so we will see if it pays off or not, she continues.

– Had very good of the bang

May only go sprint

The express train from Konnerud is honest that it is quick to go on the same bang.

– I feel I get really mad at myself when you manage to be in almost the same situation, but I hope that I have now at least learned my lesson for good, she says.

At the same time, she tries to comfort herself with the fact that other cross-country stars have done the same, before they have hit back hard.

– It is natural when you try to be as good as possible, you have to reckon with that, says Stavås Skistad, who is excited ahead of the season opener.

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– I have practiced almost all the time. I’m very excited now, it’s hard to say, we get the answer today.

The sprintess is only allowed to sprint on Beitostølen, because only 55 women runners are allowed to run each race and she is ranked number 63.

– I am not allowed to go the other days, she says.

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